Pioneer League High School Football

Patriot Conference

President – Marta Latimer
Vice President – Leonard Jesus Gonell
Operations CONFIRMED with league for 2018

PFL has provided High School level football since 2012. While operating as the Senior Division it was a trademark PFL program that was very successful. At one point there were 11 teams competing in this age group. PFL programs of late began to drop Senior Division teams and this year we had a record low 4 teams competing with 2 of those teams finishing the season with under 16 players on roster. This may be also attributed to a record high of our players in the youth divisions being actively recruited by area high school programs.

Major Accomplishments / Goals
Revamp this program into an in house league. Move operations of the older group to the spring in order to fully staff the operation and move it into the Spring & Sunshine Classic format with 2 games being played at one site for 6 consecutive weeks / followed by playoff/championship.

Referees will be recruited in house and used to train for staffing the younger groups in the fall. Will contact Jon Santiago to see how we can get this done.

Day To Day Operations

Camp opens with 6 practices together as a clinic/ combine

Draft 4 teams (25 man rosters) – Have a Draft event that gets EVERYONE excited about the season

Play a round robin tournament with those 4 teams with full media coverage include LIVE broadcasts of games

All Star team will be selected and eligible to travel with or as a separate team (Junior Patriots) with the travel collegiate team New York Patriots.

Separate Facebook page has been started so please contact us on facebook to get added for full info announcements and player recruitment items.