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The Pioneer Football League was created in 2011 as a way to address many issues that were plaguing our community both on and off the field. Since then, we developed many partnerships and networks that allow us to provide quality programs to children all over the New York City and Long Island areas. We successfully incorporated youth programs with programs that serve High school and even college aged populations using a formula that has brought the PFL to its current position as the premier football league in the area.
During this time, our relationships with Minor League and High School programs has allowed us to be able to assist our youth in the high school and college admissions process. We are looking to create a network to connect all the football programs that are PFL influenced/ connected / networked. The Max Preps of the world are not reaching directly into the community that has an interest in your school whether it be attending it as an academic institution or being a fan / follower of the sports teams of the school.
Finding the schedule for and the events being held by local schools is very difficult for our kids. The PSAL does not get covered in newspapers like their suburban counterparts. The “Friday Night Lights” experience in many states eludes our youth football players because they have no direct connection with high school programs. This must change in order for the culture of the football to progress in New York City. This is where the Pioneer League Affiliate Program comes into play.
By agreeing to become a PFL affiliate, the benefits of membership are immediate and the amount of effort that schools need to provide is minimal. It will provide exposure for your program and school. More importantly, it provides a direct pipeline of information that reaches your target audience, youth football players and programs. Even when schools invite youth programs to their events, the participation level is usually low because the relationship is not strong enough for most people to be comfortable enough to attend. The PFL Network provides a trusted source that people feel comfortable taking advantage of information that is posted. Your information and message is now stamped by an entity that they trust. Here is the extent of the network.
The Pioneer League Network online television programming
The PFL Network includes livestream and weekly recorded Sportscenter style shows. These shows are produced by players and parents as well as organizations so they are aimed at the audience you are looking to reach. website including all league and affiliate information. We provide a webpage for your program that has information on your team and school. Updated as much as you provide and periodically updated by PFL staff when your program does events or has PFL alumni that are the subject of media coverage.
A host of other connections with vendors and businesses that serve the area that you are in. The PFL network is a pool of resources that PFL teams and affiliates put in and draw from on a regular basis.
What do you need to do? All we are asking for is the following.
1) Permission to use your logo and cover your team and school on our sites.
2) Provide material periodically on events and games including photos of game action and coverage for us to post.
We look forward to making these bonds beneficial for everyone and the fact that we all have organizations that are working hard to benefit children should ease the load when we all work together.

We have some programs that will be announced as affiliates shortly including college programs.