New York Patriots History

2016 Season   3 6
2017 Season   6 7
2018 Season   6 6
2019 Season   7 7
2020 Season   4 3
2021 Season   3 4

Franchise Overall Record                 29 –  33

  2016 Season Triboro Football League        
  May 1st Brooklyn Bobcats   6 3  
    Liberty Park Queens NY        
  May 7th Brooklyn Storm   2 0  
    Liberty Park Queens NY        
  May 15th Bed Stuy Crusaders   8 14  
    Liberty Park Queens NY        
  May 29th Brooklyn Pharaohs   0 32  
    Tibbets Brook Park Yonkers NY        
  June 5th Brooklyn Bobcats   0 25  
    Kaiser Park Brooklyn NY        
  June 12th Brooklyn Storm   16 26  
    Liberty Park Queens NY        
  June 19th Bed Stuy Crusaders   0 14  
    Tibbets Brook Park Yonkers NY        
  July 3rd Brooklyn Pharaohs   2 0  
    Liberty Park Queens NY        
  July 10th Brooklyn Pharaohs   8 26  
    Liberty Park Queens NY        
  2016 Season Record 3 – 6   42 140  
  2017 Season Independent Schedule        
  June 10th New Jersey Pirates   28 6  
    at Princeton NJ        
  June 17th New York Red Mambas   37 6  
    Macombs Dam Park        
  June 24th Green Wave College Prep   6 18  
    at Williamsbridge Oval        
  July 1st Queens Huskies   18 14  
    Macombs Dam Park        
    Nobles of the Smoke Bowl        
  July 8th Staten Island Bandits   2 0  
    Macombs Dam Park        
  July 22nd Brass City Kings (CT)   2 0  
    Macombs Dam Park        
  July 31st Blue Grey Game – Canadian Clinic   0 0  
    Macombs Dam Park        
  August 6th Niagara Regional Raiders   0 8  
    International Border Bowl        
    at St Catharines Ontario CA        
  August 20th Notre Dame Cobras   34 0  
    at Portland ME        
  August 26th Jersey Coast Academy Jags   2 21  
    Toms River HS North NJ        
  Oct 22nd Southwest Connecticut Grizzlies   8 50  
    Macombs Dam Park        
  Nov 4th Johnson & Whales University   8 32  
    Classical HS – Providence RI        
  Nov 12th New York Crusaders   0 12  
    Macombs Dam Park        
  Dec 16th Queens Huskies   28 38  
    Macombs Dam Park        
  2017 Season Record 6 – 7   173 205  
  2018 Season Independent Schedule        
  April 28th New York Red Mambas   2 0  
    Williamsbridge Oval        
  May 12th Maine Wolverines   22 0  
    Freeport High School at Portland ME        
  May 19th Mount Vernon Kings   28 8  
    Pelham Bay Park Bronx New York        
  May 26th Hartford Colts   12 10  
    Annie Fisher School Hartford CT        
  June 2nd Whaling City Admirals   0 27  
    Andrea McCoy Stadium – New Bedford, MA        
  June 23rd Boston Panthers   28 0  
    Macombs Dam Park        
  June 30th Queens Huskies   14 28  
    Liberty Field – Queens NY        
  July 18th Red Black Game – Canadian Skills Clinic   Red 6 Black 0  
    Macombs Dam Park        
  July 21st Rhode Island Cowboys   0 33  
    Classical High School – Providence, Rhode Island        
  July 28th Le Phénix de Trois-Rivières   6 9  
    DIABLOS Stadium CEGEP de Trois-Rivières        
    Trois-Rivières, Quebec Canada        
  Aug 5th Niagara Regional Raiders   6 26  
    International Border Bowl        
    Brock University – St. Catherines, Ontario Canada        
  Aug 19th Gold Coast Pride   0 30  
    North Haven Middle School – North Haven CT        
  Aug 26th New Jersey Pirates   30 6  
    Community Day – Hip Hop to Hip Hope        
    Macombs Dam Park        
  2018 Season Record 6 – 6   148 177  
  2019 New York Patriots Schedule      
April 21st Mount Vernon Bangers   14 24
  Macombs Dam Park – Bronx, New York      
April 27th Maine Wolverines (*ECFL*)   6 23
  Portland, Maine      
May 5th New York Crusaders (Nobles of the Smoke Bowl)   14 0
  Macombs Dam Park – Bronx, New York      
May 11th Eastern Massachusetts Gators (*ECFL*)   22 0
  West Roxbury Academy – West Roxbury MA      
May 18th Westmoreland Wolves (Wolves Kickoff Classic)   0 56
  Greensburg (Pittsburgh), PA      
June 1st Boston Panthers   0 8
  West Roxbury High School – West Roxbury MA      
June 8th Boston Huskies (*ECFL*)   18 6
  Charleston HS – Boston, MA      
June 15th New Jersey Pirates   2 0
  Macombs Dam Park – Bronx, New York      
June 22nd Central Maine Bucks (*ECFL*)   16 21
  Don Rux Field Lewiston, Maine      
July 13th Queens Huskies   2 0
  Macombs Dam Park – Bronx, New York      
July 17th Red Blue Game – Canadian Skills Clinic   Blue 18 Red 0
  Macombs Dam Park – Bronx, New York      
July 27th Le Phénix de Trois-Rivières (International Border Bowl)   0 34
  Seminaire St. Joseph de Trois-Rivieres      
Aug 4th ECFL Independent Conference Semifinals   2 0
  Southern Maine Beavers      
  Waterhouse Field Biddford Maine      
Aug 18th ECFL Independent Conference Championship   14 8
  Central Maine Bucks      
  West Roxbury Academy – West Roxbury MA      
Sept 7th Williamson Trade School (PA)   0 57
  Media, Pennsylvania      
2019 Season Record 7-7      
  2020 New York Patriots Schedule      
June 27th Connecticut Thundercats (ECFL Southern Conference)   14 0
  Patriots first indoor game – (#19) Chad Frost 50 yard punt return TD      
July 18th Connecticut Thundercats (ECFL Southern Conference)   28 6
  Patriots 3 Touchdown passes – (#0) Malcolm Figueroa 2 TD passes      
Aug 1st Maine Machine (*ECFL* Independent Game)   6 24
  17-0 Deficit in 1st half – 4 turnovers costly for Patriots      
Aug 8th Connecticut Brawlers (2019 NEFL A Champions)   22 28
  Back and Forth Game – Tajae Montgomery 35 Yard INT Ret TD      
Aug 15th Jamaica Plain Huskies (*ECFL* Independent Game)   2 0
  Huskies Did Not Play      
Aug 22nd Maine Machine   24 33
  (*ECFL* Independent Game)      
Aug 29th Mass Mercanaries   cancelled weather
  NEFL Crossover Game      
Sept 12th Jamaica Plain Huskies – (ECFL Independent Semifinals)   36 0
  Montgomery – team record 102yd int for TD – Big plays on Off & Def      
Sept 19th Maine Machine – ECFL Independent Conference Championship   16 19
  Patriots come up short on last play.      
Sept 26th New Jersey Pirates (Nobles of the Smoke Bowl)   0 2
  Defensive battle as the Patriots defense pitches a shutout. miscue fumble seals fate.      

The Syracuse Smash came down to the Bronx and showed their excited about the opening of the big apple to football in a 17-14 thriller versus the New York Patriots.  Reeling after a very tough Championship game loss, the Patriots battled hard but were just not at full strength to get it done.  More details on the game and the next steps for the Patriots coming soon. 


Due to the New Jersey Pirates having multiple positive tests – This weeks Nobles Of The Smoke Bowl has been cancelled.  Although very disappointing – safety of our players and their families is our top priority.

The week was not a total closeout – as the annual Cigar Night at Papa Juans in the Bronx by Yankee Stadium was a huge success.  The Nobles of the Smoke cigar brand has been a loyal sponsor of the New York Patriots for 5 years.  Thank you Troy Miller CEO of Nobles for his continued support and energy that he puts into his brand and the the Patriots! 

New England Bearcats Crowned 2021 Champions –

Patriots Unable To Finish The Deal

Patriots Defeat Unbeaten Warriors In Semifinals To Advance to Championship For The Third Straight Year

On a sweltering evening in Fitchburg, the New York Patriots battled for their fate for the season and their fallen brother Ralph Nunez “Bam”.  In what was an outstanding effort the Patriots moved on to advance to their 3rd consecutive championship game.  

It didn’t go smooth from the beginning though as both teams threw multiple interceptions in what looked similar to their first meeting.  The Warriors opened the scoring when taking advantage of their forced turnover.  The score was 6-0 at halftime Then, Marquis Jernigan intercepted his second pass of the day and this time made a house call to tie the game at 6.  The Patriot offense punched in the conversion and the Patriots took the lead for the first time.  Greg Oliver punched in a second score when the Patriot offense drove in the 3rd quarter to extend the lead to 16-6. 

The Warriors made a late push and after a series of big completions they ended up throwing a touchdown pass with 3 minutes left in the game.  On the conversion, the Patriots intercepted a pass and returned it for two points of their own making the score 18-12.  After recovering a well executed onside kick, the last hail mary fell short and the start of championship week for the Patriots begun. 

Patriots Drop Regular Season Finale With Warriors Drop To 3 Seed

The day started off with challenges as soon as the Patriots got off the team bus.  With some unexpected confusion they were unable to get their pregame warmup started… And they never really got started even after kickoff.  The Patriot offense sputtered for the 2nd consecutive week as they were held out the end zone.  The Patriot defense surrendered 2 touchdowns through the air enroute to a 12-6 loss.  This sets up a rematch this upcoming week against the Warriors for a ticket to the 2021 IFA Championship game.  The one positive light scoring wise was a 80 yard touchdown return on an interception by Tajae Montgomery.

Patriots Get Back On Track

With Defensive Performance Against Jamaica Plains

The New York Patriots and Jamaica Plains Huskies squared off this past weekend in Massachusetts with the New Yorkers being heavy favorites to move to 2-1.  Although the Patriots came out with a win, we learn very quickly that history between these two teams supersedes records.  Historically, points in a Husky vs Pats game are VERY hard to come by, including a 18-6 win in 2019 with all 4 touchdowns being scored by the respective defenses.  The latest installment of this series also had defense ruling the day

The front four of the Patriots racked up 8 sacks and made movement of the struggling Husky offense absolutely impossible.  Including 2 Patriot mistakes that led to Husky to 2 Husky red zone opportunities.  An interception by Chad Frost and a sack by Moe Jones ended those two threats respectively.  Rookie quarterback Tyron Moye connected with running back Anthony Berardino for the only score of the game.  Both defenses forced multiple turnovers and shut down drives at critical points.  The Huskies will try to build off of what was a well played game for them as they face the Mass Warriors this week.  The Patriots head into the bye 2-1 and have 2 weeks before getting playoff seeding straightened out as they will face the same Warriors team May 22nd.

Patriots Drop to 1-1 In Tough Game vs Bearcats

The New York Patriots headed back up to New England last week to take on the New England Bearcats.  

Week two started the same as week one with penalties absolutely being the Achilles’ heel of the patriots. With the talent of the patriots on display on both sides of the ball, they were still no match for their own worst enemy… themselves. Six personal foul penalties took away field position all evening on a frustrating display. “We have to do better” said Coach Patterson after the game “an undisciplined team is a reflection of their coach this one is on me.” On a positive note, there were many highlight plays that really did you catch the attention of not just patriot fans, but the league as a whole. There was a big fumble recovery on a strip made by Moe Jones. It was him along with Latif Adams that anchored the defense of line which made it very difficult for the bearcat offense to operate. Anthony Berardino had another solid running performance including a touchdown. Chad Frost returned a partially blocked field goal 105 yards for a touchdown. However, every other time that the patriots would threaten to put up points, they were backed up by more penalties. They will try to get it together as they head into week three for a match up with the Jamaica Plains Huskies.

The Patriots opened the 2021 IFA campaign with revenge on their mind.  Although it won’t make up for the 3 point loss in the Championship last season, it is absolutely a better vibe in the Bronx right now. 

The Patriots tried to jump ahead on the Machine quick with a huge punt return by Chad Frost.  Frost gave an amazing effort the last 10 yards but then fumbled the ball at the 1 inch line and the Machine recovered in the end zone for a touchback,  On the ensuing possession the Machine threw a 50 yard touchdown pass to get on the board 6-0.  This is where the Patriots showed that they are not the same team as last year.  Frost caught a pick 6 to redeem himself and tie the game at 6, which started an avalanche of points that was an eye opener for the defending champs.

The Patriots scored on all sides of the ball.  Rookie Marquis Jernigan as Pioneer League legend with the Bronx Colts, returned a punt for a touchdown in an electrifying return.  He also had 2 interceptions in his Patriot debut.  2020 MVP Anthony Berardino led the rushing attack and had a score.  Rookie William Westbury had an explosive day with multiple catches and one went for a touchdown.     The Patriots get right back to the road this week in Massachusetts to take on the New England Bearcats.

Patriots Come Up Short In Big Game – Battle Proudly Until Last Play

There is something to be said about a person or group that in the face of adversity rises up to the odds and prevails. However sometimes that effort gets lost if that person or group doesn’t come out on top and somehow it feels like the good guys didn’t win. The look of disappointment of the faces of the Patriots players after the last ball to the end zone wound up in a Maine defensive backs arms which sealed the championship for the Machine. The feeling that all was put on the field of play and nothing was held back made the loss not feel in any way better but the hunger to compete and an understanding of why we play the game was a wave that came over the entire team.

“In 5 years I would say our biggest problem was leaving something in the tank, leaving something on the table”, said head coach David Patterson, “This last effort wasn’t enough to earn the championship, but I am proud of the way we competed today and got the maximum effort out of everyone”. The Patriots were down 13-0 early when a deep pass and a punt return for a touchdown opened the game in the 1st quarter. The Patriots held it together and scored on a vertical pass from Malcolm Figueroa to Kenyah Wiggins. The Patriot defense buckled down including an inspired performance by the defensive line and linebackers in stopping the Maine Machine all star running back #1. A Manny Ortiz interception stopped another big drive, and the Patriot special teams came up huge again. A blocked punt by Tajae Montgomery set the Patriots up to take the lead. A Chad Frost punt return brought the ball down to the 2 yard line and set up the touchdown and conversion that brought the Patriots within 3 points. A last fumble recovered on another punt led the Patriots within 20 yards of the championship. However, an interception on 3rd down that narrowly missed being caught by Anthony Berardino by inches sealed the Patriots fate.

Patriots Grab A Ticket To The Big Dance – Defeat the Huskies With Record Breaking Performance

It wouldn’t be the Patriots if they took the easy way out. The boys made it harder on themselves with their mid season losing streak dropping them out of the coveted number one seed and into a do or die playoff game with the physical and formidable Jamaica Plain Huskies. The Huskies in last season’s matchup did not surrender a single point on defense…. This year the story was different.

Behind another big time performance and 100 yard rushing afternoon, Anthony Berardino found his way into the end zone on the ground and in the air. One of which a screen pass that went 60 plus yards to paydirt. As the Huskies tried to counterpunch when getting down early it was year 1 veteran Tajae Montgomery that sealed the deal and then put another nail in the coffin. The first was a franchise record 102 yard interception return for a touchdown. Then, before the half could end, he took a quarterback draw 45 yards for a score.

When the final whistle was blown the final was 36-0 but more importantly it signaled the start of the work week to get the trophy for a second consecutive year. In their way, just like last year, is a team from Maine that has beat them in the regular season. Hopefully 3rd time is the charm for the Patriots.

The New York Patriots game against the Mass Mercenaries has been cancelled – rolling thunderstorms in the Newington area with high speed winds has caused the parks department to close the facility.

Maine Machine Sweep Season Series in Shootout

In what was a golden opportunity for the Patriots to make the road to the repeat of the Independent Championship much easier…. The team that has loved to take to tougher road will need to go through more obstacles in order to get back to the big game.

In order to get the tiebreaker and move into the coveted #1 seed they needed to not only beat the Maine Machine, but do it by more than the 17 point margin that the Machine put up in their first game. A record offensive output which included 24 first half points by the Patriot offense was not enough as 2 crucial turnovers that were fumble recoveries for touchdowns. The Patriots now set up for a semifinal matchup against the Jamaica Plains Huskies as the #2 seed for the September 12th weekend.

The Jamaica Plains Huskies were unable to play this week. Due to league issues they were forced to forfeit mid week. We apologize for an inconvenience that this has caused in a year full of inconveniences. The Patriots move to 3-2 on the season and own the tiebreaker now against the Huskies for the Independent Conference playoffs.

The NEFL Champs Win In A Thriller – Patriots Unable to Finish

The battle of Single A Champions in the Northeast was a game that was fitting of two championship teams. A back and forth battle that came down to the last drive with the Connecticut Brawlers making the big plays when it mattered.

The Patriots started off with a huge 70 yard Touchdown run by Anthony Berardino, his longest on what has been an absolute amazing season for the second year player. The Connecticut Brawlers came back with two quick scores before Malcolm Figueroa found Dayshawn Fields on a bomb before halftime to knot up the game at 14. The Patriots went into to take the lead after the half after Maurice Jones forced a fumble and set up the Patriots offense inside the red zone.

The Patriot offense not only was unable to punch the ball in the end zone, they threw a pick 6 that gave huge momentum to the Brawlers. To make things worse, While down six, the Patriots normally dynamic special teams had a bad snap launch over the punters head and the Brawlers recorded a safety. In a show of inspired football the Patriots on the ensuing possession got a big play from Tajae Montgomery with a pick 6 from 35 yards away. The two point conversion was good and the score was tied at 22. Another huge play in the pass game by the Brawlers gave them the lead back 28-22 and on the last drive of the game Patriot center June Lee Ragin (aka Debo) broke his leg and had to be taken to a local hospital. Once play resumed the offense stalled and time ran out. A fantastic game that the Patriots need to learn how to win. “Tough lesson to be learned” said Coach Patterson “The Brawlers were 10-0 and won a championship last year. We have work to do, but by no means are we going to pretend that we as a staff didn’t see the character in this team today coming back twice against a team like this.”

Patriots Stumble Out the Gates In League Play – Champs Upset By Maine

With the ECFL Independent Conference Championship on their list of goals for 2020, the New York Patriots had every reason to come up to New England and play like something was on the line this week. For some odd reason that didn’t happen as the New Yorkers were handed their first loss of the season by the Indy conference new comer Maine Machine.

Early turnovers on offense and poor effort on defense in the first half sealed their fate. 17-0 heading into halftime was too much to overcome even as the Patriots came out and cut the lead to 11 behind a superb run by Gregory Oliver. Coach Patterson was obviously disappointed with the team’s performance but not surprised, “We aren’t going to sneak up on anyone this year” he said, “Everyone is going to give us their best effort and we need to match that. As defending champs, we knew that they wouldn’t allow us to make the kind of mistakes that we did today”.

The Patriots hope to get back to their winning ways as they take on the defending NEFL A Champions Connecticut Brawlers.

Patriots Tame the Thundercats in Rematch

After state regulations in New York failed to allow the Patriots 2nd and 3rd opponents to take the field, the Patriots went back to Connecticut for a rematch against the Connecticut Thundercats in Trumbull.

The Patriots came out in week two with something to prove, especially on the offensive side of the ball. The result was a record day, with a game high 3 touchdown passes. Two thrown by rookie Malcolm Figueroa, and one by rookie and Van Cortlandt Titan alum Javier Duran. With a huge day by 2019 Championship game MVP Anthony Berardino on the ground and former rookie of the year Kenyah Wiggins catching the football, we had a very entertaining evening in Trumbull.

The New York Patriots opened the 2020 season and their 5th year as a franchise under conditions that nobody could have anticipated when the calendar year began.

The Patriots played in their first indoor game in franchise history, and the close quarters did not effect the defending champs… especially on defense.

The Patriots gave up a big play early on a miscue on punt team. The Cats were set up deep in the Patriots end. On their first offensive play, the CFL Southern COnference team from Connecticut even put the ball in the end zone. A holding penalty brought it back and Patriots got their act in gear from that point on.

The actual scoring opened with special teams, rookie Chad Frost returned a punt 50 yards for a touchdown. Patriots special teams had already blocked a punt, and converted a fake punt for a big first down that changed momentum of the game. Anthony Berardino, last years championship game MVP, ran very well in controlling the pace of the game for offensive coordinator Chanton Stevenson. Gregory Oliver had a very impressive touchdown run in the red zone, and 5th year vet Ed Lawrie punched in a 2 point conversion to complete the scoring on the day.

Patriots Get Back To Work With Modified Training Camp

Patriots End Season With College Experience

The Patriots season came to a close this weekend with a disappointing but important game against Williamson Trade School.  A split squad coming off of the Patriots championship roster was overmatched by the school and the scoreboard indicated that.  The focus of the game was to get the younger Patriot players interested in and connections with colleges.  From a football standpoint, the pace and professionalism of playing on a NJCAA sanctioned game was important and its effect will be seen in the 2020 season.  Coach Patterson “The play clock, the pace of play, the substitutions that were made with speed was a huge difference in this game.  We need to get our pace on this level and our 2020 season will see even more progress.

The New York Patriots lifted the first trophy in program history on Sunday. After 4 years of hard work, ups and downs, distractions and of course the blood sweat and tears that come with the game that we all love the Patriots are now champions!

It was the program that required belief and a faith that the players engaged with over the last 4 years that provided the script for this final act of a true underdog story.  It may be worn completely out in these parts but there is something about the 20 point underdog from New York going up to New England and putting together their best effort on one day to shock the world.  It may be the fact that these Patriots had to comeback from a very disappointing start of the season to put together their best push in a magical half of football.  Except this time it was the first half that the Patriots threw the haymaker that the Bucks were unable to recover from.

Entering the season as the third string quarterback, Mike Ellis stepped onto the field in West Roxbury Massachusetts as a man on a mission.  He had his team behind him and that honor he earned throughout the season with his hard work and dedication.  It started right from the start as the Patriot offensive line was on a mission from the first play from scrimmage, and Tajae Montgomery looked like he was shot out of  a cannon on the way to a 65 yard touchdown run.  The Patriot defense was old reliable, led by the hulking front four as Leonard Gonell, Moe Jones, Allen “Blue” Mock, and “Linemen of the Game” Jerome Bailey.

The Bucks never could establish the run and by the time they got rhythm with their dangerous passing attack it was too late.  The Patriots second score of the day came on a beautiful 4th down conversion with Ellis finding Kenyah Wiggins on a brilliantly thrown touchdown pass to make the score 12-0.  4th year veteran Ed Lawrie converted the 2 point play and the Patriots held a 14-0 lead at halftime.

The defense played lights out with the game on the line.  Forcing turnovers and making big hits on the quarterback forced the Bucks into obvious passing situations.  As the last effort on a pass on 4th down hit the ground the Patriots knew they had pulled off the upset.  In true New York style the Patriots celebration dance and tossing of pancakes by the offensive line, led by veteran Travis Wingate.

Titans Help Patriots Prepare For Championship With Joint Practice

Once a year we got to do some really great things with one of our little brother programs. The Van Cortland Titans hosted the New York Patriots for a joint practice on Monday and it was a huge success.   In preparing for the ECFL Independent Championship the Patriots took some time to get back to basics and while working with a brother program were able to get a lot of work done.


The New York Patriots have yet to win a game north of the border.  The players and staff alike came home after another disappointing loss in Canada with an acceptance of what is ahead of them.  “Whoever has something to say about us not being able to win in Canada I am not worried about at all”, said owner and head coach David Patterson.  Nobody on our level has been able to do what we are trying to do, and in the process of trying to accomplishment something that no one else has there is an option to quit.  However, if you quit every time you try to accomplish something great you will have a very mediocre existence.

The New York Patriots have yet to win a game north of the border.  The players and staff alike came home after another disappointing loss in Canada with an acceptance of what is ahead of them.  “Whoever has something to say about us not being able to win in Canada I am not worried about at all”, said owner and head coach David Patterson.  Nobody on our level has been able to do what we are trying to do, and in the process of trying to accomplishment something that no one else has there is an option to quit.  However, if you quit every time you try to accomplish something great you will have a very mediocre existence.

26 of the New York Patriot roster put up a 60 minute fight against their brothers from Trois Rivieres Quebec.  They earned the respect of that team and held the standard for the Patriots ambassador program in creating positive football experiences for the friends and families of all that packed the house at St. Josephs Seminary.

Full coverage will be posted on Battle Ready as the Patriots get back to work this week for what will be their biggest game of the year.  They head up to Biddeford Maine for a semifinal showdown against the Southern Maine Beavers.  The winner advances to the ECFL Independent Conference championship game.

The New York Patriots held their 3rd annual intersquad scrimmage.  This year we saw the Red and Blue color combination with the team being separated by how many years of service they have with the team.

The Red team was made up of 1st and second year players.  The Blue being 3rd year and original Patriots in their 4th season.  The young ins came out super confident but maybe a bit too cocky as a refusal to punt deep in their own end led to a turnover on downs.  Original Patriot Tajae Montgomery scored the initial touchdown and with a conversion the vets took an 8-0 lead.  The Blue team followed up with another touchdown on the ground as original Patriot Ed Lawrie Jr. carried a few Red shirts into the end zone to seal the win.  The Patriots were able to get some quality work in on their bye week with this annual affair, before thunderstorms cut the evening short the entire team was already itching to get back to live action against another opponent.  That chance is just over a week away as they head back to Canada to take on the Trois Rivieres Phenix.


Queens Huskies Fail To Field Full Team

Patriot Exhibition Shows Unlikely Stars


The Bronx hasn’t been burning, but there seems to be something going around the Boogie Down that makes home games hard to come by for the New York Patriots.  This time the Queens Huskies came to Macombs late and short handed.  “We apologize to everyone who came out to watch the Patriots and the Huskies,,, which has always been a great and competitive game.  We confirmed all during the week that they would be ready to play and needless to say we are very disappointed” said Patriots owner and Head Coach David Patterson.

The day wasn’t a complete waste as the Husky players that did show up were given a few Patriots players for an exhibition game.  The Patriots that helped out the Huskies were the shining stars of the afternoon with Raimol Perez (aka Tenaza) was playing at 100 mph on both sides of the ball.  Jakub Rodriguez played quarterback and moved the ball extraordinarily well, especially an offense that was completely ran by the group of players that they had never played with.  He even converted a very impressive fake punt for a big 1st down that set up the initial score of the exhibition.  Rodriguez also converted the 2 point conversion as well.  The MVP of the day was Chris Kelly Davis, he was all over the field and his effort was a major reason why the fans at Macombs were not disappointed as they saw some quality and competitive football being played.  The Patriots tied up the game on a fumblerooski play that quarterback Dante Thomas caught a lateral from Tubby Otero and raced in for the touchdown.

The Patriots salvaged the day and are back at it this week with an ACTUAL SCHEDULED intersquad scrimmage between 1st and 2nd year players vs the veterans on the team Wednesday at Macombs.

Patriots Drop To Second In Independent After Losing  To Bucks

It took until the last 20 seconds for the Central Maine Bucks to pull ahead on the scoreboard and the standings as the New York Patriots failed to seal the deal in Lewiston on Saturday.  After falling behind 9-0 the Bucks and Pats went back and forth before the rains came.  When the clouds parted and play resumed the 9-8 lead was extended to 15-8.  The Patriots roared back and off the strength of a Tajae Montgomery conversion, they took the lead 16-15.  Unfortunately, they could not hold it as a botched snap on a punt and a series of mistakes put the Bucks in the red zone.  With just 20 seconds left, the Bucks completed a touchdown pass to send the Patriots back to the big apple in second place. They have a few weeks off now until hosting the Queens Huskies July 13th.


 The Patriots game against the Pirates was forfeited on Saturday.  The Pirates had issues that prevented them from getting  to the Bronx.  Pirates owner and Head Coach TJ Malave sent his apologies.  The Patriots although disappointed were able to get some practice in before enjoying the rest of their father’s day weekend.

Patterson Gets To Win #150 as

Patriots Take Control Of Independent Conference In

Defensive Battle With Huskies

The saying that “Defense Wins Championships” is very common in the football world.  On Saturday in the shadow of Bunker Hill Monument in   

Charlestown Massachusetts, there was nobody in attendance that would argue that defense was the star of the show.  On the way to Patriot Owner and Head Coach David Patterson’s 150th career victory, both the Pats and the Jamaica Plain Huskies defenses pitched shutouts.  They were also the only ones that put up points, as the Patriots took 3 defensive touchdowns and the victory in Boston.

The Huskies opened the scoring on a fumble returned 50 yards for a touchdown.  The botched exchange was a major  problem for the Patriots which was missing key components on the offensive line.  The offense did show some signs of life and gained yards to change field position but couldn’t muster any points.  Allen Mock took a botched punt attempt in for a score to tie the game.  The defense struck next on a fumble recovery and score by veteran captain Jerome Bailey.  To cap off the scoring, Dayshawn Fields took a pick to the house to clinch the 2nd straight win for the Patriots.


Panther Top Patriots In Charity Game

The Patriots offense may have stayed in New York as they were shut out for the second consecutive week.  “Mistakes..” Coach Patterson repeated “mistakes at the worst possible times”.  The Boston Panthers were able to convert one of those mistakes on an interception right before the half and that would be the deciding and only points of the game.

The Patriot defense held firm and even made key interceptions in their own red zone to avoid an early deficit.  The Patriots offense even scored a touchdown that was called back.  A Kenyah Wiggins punt return was heading for the end zone when the ball inexplicably squirted out of his hands on the way to what would be a very frustrating evening.  The Patriots move into next week with a Independent Conference showdown with the Jamaica Plains Huskies.

Road Trip Chronicles

Patriots enjoy short say in Steel City

The New York Patriots first overnight trip of the 2019 season went very well.  The hotel pool and hot tub provided plenty of entertainment  for the squad as their annual rookie show was a huge success.   After the game the team went out for Pizza and Wings at the Classic Sponsors resturant.  One of the other highlights of the trip was a Sunday afternoon in the downtown area of Pittsburgh.  Bicycling down the waterfront, a meal at Jerome Bettis’ restaurant, and some sightseeing.



Patriots Overwhelmed By Dominant Wolves

Western Pennsylvania is know for VERY competitive football.  The Patriots learned that lesson the hard way in a very long night in Pittsburgh as the Wolves scored early and often in enroute to a trouncing of the New Yorkers.  One thing that came of this was the fact that the nearly 20 players in the rookie class even in the face of a huge deficit and a physically imposing team did not quit and gave their best effort with the understanding that they will need much more experience and work to get to that level.

Patriots Win In Whiteout Debut


The New York Patriots handled business last night in what Owner and Head Coach David Patterson would not call a statement win… But a much needed one.  Besides having the Patriots move up in the ECFL standings with their first league win of the season, the Patriots checked off a items off their list.  They evened their record to 2-2, picked up their first win in the state of Massachusetts, and their offense scored multiple touchdowns for the first time this year.

Quarterback Dante Thomas also scored a first for the team this season by not having a single turnover in a game.  With a big throw to Kenya Wiggins for a touchdown to open the scoring and a awesome sideline throw that Damien Harvey toe tapped his way inside the pile on for the Patriots last score of the game.  Defensive coordinator John McDermott’s unit got into the end zone again with a Hendryck Rodriguez pick 6.  They also added a conversion of sorts when rookie Allen Mock recorded the second safety of the year for the team.  With that and pitching a shutout of the Gators it was all around a great afternoon for the Patriots.

Patriots from New York Feel at Home In Foxboro

The team was also able to enjoy some of their time in the Boston area as they visited the home of their namesake in Foxboro.  They had dinner in the Gillette Stadium complex and mixed it up with locals  who were both overjoyed and disgusted at seeing NEW YORK attached to their beloved Patriot name.  While back 2 weeks later before their game against the Boston Panthers they were able to spend some time doing some great team building activities. 

The team went bowling, toured the Patriots Hall of Fame and took in a movie as part of their stay at the Gillette Stadium campus area.  These activities are the reason why the team is much more than football!


Patriots Win Nobles Of The Smoke Bowl

Shutout Crusaders in Washout

The Patriots got back to their winning ways on Sunday night in a pouring rain as they scored a much needed victory against the New York Crusaders. A first victory on the season and their first against the Crusaders in 3 years of competition between the teams.  The teams locked in to a scoreless half before the Patriots put a drive together and converted in the red zone.  They had been 0 for 3 in the red zone in the first half before rookie Ralph Nunez (out in week 1 and 2 due to injury) took the ball down and converted on the short touchdown which rookie quarterback Tay Breesch followed with the 2 point conversion.

The Patriots extended their lead before the 2 minute warning with a Derek Duran fumble recovery for a touchdown making the final 14-0.  It was an awesome send off as the Patriots were wearing their year 1 grey jerseys for the last time.  The Patriots head into their second ECFL game with momentum and they will need a similar effort as they travel to Massachusetts to take on Gators.

Patriots Drop ECFL Opener To Wolverines in Maine

The Patriots came up to Maine today and apparently left their offense in New York.  The Wolverines, whom are the preseason favorite to win the Independent Conference of the ECFL, came out the gates and showed what the preseason hype about their roster additions is about.  Two scores on sustained drives gave them a 13-0 halftime lead.  The Patriots, playing behind for the second straight week was able to get within 7 on a Alen Kaminsky to Taj Williams touchdown strike.  The Wolverines added a big field goal and a late touchdown to seal the game.  The Patriots get back to work this week for the Nobles of the Smoke Bowl against the New York Crusaders.

Patriots Open Season With A Loss At Home

The Patriots fourth season opened different than every other of the previous 3…. With a loss.  The Mount Vernon Bangers stunned the Patriots at Macombs Dam Park with a 99 yard drive to take the lead late and score a win.  The Bangers came out fast by returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown.  Down two scores at one point the Patriots came back with a Kenyah Williams touchdown catch which was an electrifying run after the grab for 70 yards.  Rookie LJ Diaz intercepted a ball and returned it the same distance for the Patriots first lead.  But the young Pats couldn’t hold the lead.  They need to get things together for a 60 minute effort as they go into their ECFL debut vs the Maine Wolverines next week in Freeport.


The day included a marriage proposal in the pre game ceremonies, 2 national anthems sung beautifully by a local singer, and an experience that these young men will never forget. They will try to score their first win north of the border this weekend in Ontario against the Niagara Regional Raiders.


Canadian Skills and Drills Clinic

Showcasing Community Principles The Patriot Way

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patriots week 2 4Patriots Brotherhood Bigger Than Football


In a year where the Pioneer League celebrates the greatness of football off the field, it is fitting that the newest addition to the organization was a shining example of that principle.  The very young Patriots team struggled on the field but fought for their brothers every step of the way.  Defensive back Chris Ramos can’t wait for the next chapter in this story “I just play ball but it’s been a great season with these  guys and I look forward to next year to seeing most of them  return to make this championship run”.  Ian Johnson a quiet wide receiver who rarely speaks said “I wanna say thank you to the coaching staff for accepting me,  to all the players I had fun balling with y’all this season even though we had our ups and downs we always came together at the the end we played our hearts out this season in was an honor playing with the Patriots much love”.