New York Patriots

New York Patriots History

Established in 2016, the New York Patriots are the graduate team for Pioneer League alumni and a collegiate level developmental program for players 17 years and older.  The Patriots have became a premier Metropolitan Area football program with the mission of the team is to be dedicated to a quality experience for players by using a highly structured organizational system and structure that was lacking in the football landscape.  In the 2019 they won the East Coast Football League’s Independent Conference Championship.  The Patriots evolved into ambassadors of the game of football, and the City of New York traveling thousands of miles each season playing a independent, interstate and international schedule.

 The Nobles of the Smoke cigar brand has been a loyal sponsor of the New York Patriots for 5 years.  Thank you Troy Miller CEO of Nobles for his continued support and energy that he puts into his brand and the the Patriots!2021 New York Patriots Staff

Executive Staff      
David Patterson Owner 5th YR Pioneer Football League
Marta Latimer General Manager 5th YR Bronx Colts
Melissa Patterson Counsel 5th YR Pioneer Football League
Tabitha Perez Media Director 4th YR No Prior Experience
Louise Hamilton Assistant GM 1st YR No Prior Experience
Coaching Staff      
Brandon Davis Head Coach 1st YR Bronx Colts
Deron Hickman Off Cor 3rd YR Harlem Gators
Dave Collier Def Cor 2nd YR Westchester Warriors
Damon Grace Special T Cor 1st YR Brooklyn Seminoles
John McDermott Advisor 4th YR Westchester Warriors
Shaun Kellman  Assist Coach 2nd YR Bronx Colts 

2022 New York Patriots Roster TBA