New York Patriots

Established in 2016, the New York Patriots are the graduate team for Pioneer League alumni and a collegiate level developmental program for players 17 years and older.  The Patriots have became a premier Metropolitan Area football program with the mission of the team is to be dedicated to a quality experience for players by using a highly structured organizational system and structure that was lacking in the football landscape.  In the 2019 they won the East Coast Football League’s Independent Conference Championship.  The Patriots evolved into ambassadors of the game of football, and the City of New York traveling thousands of miles each season playing a independent, interstate and international schedule.

Congratulations to the 2019 New York Patriots who made the ECFL All Star Team! The honor is not just for them but a achievement for the program who had their players recognized by the league for their play on the field.

New York Patriots unveil Championship Ring Design

At a staggering 35mm x 35mm the size is comparable to  the New England Patriots first super bowl ring.  It has 4 rows of stones to signify the 4 years of hard work blood sweat and tears to get there. The stones totaling 100 which is the effort that it takes to be a champion.

 The New York Patriots lifted the first trophy in program history on Sunday. After 4 years of hard work, ups and downs, distractions and of course the blood sweat and tears that come with the game that we all love the Patriots are now champions!

2019 New York Patriots Schedule
April 21st Mount Vernon Bangers 14 24
Macombs Dam Park – Bronx, New York
April 27th Maine Wolverines (*ECFL*) 6 23
Portland, Maine
May 5th New York Crusaders (Nobles of the Smoke Bowl) 14 0
Macombs Dam Park – Bronx, New York
May 11th Eastern Massachusetts Gators (*ECFL*) 22 0
West Roxbury Academy – West Roxbury MA
May 18th Westmoreland Wolves (Wolves Kickoff Classic) 0 56
Greensburg (Pittsburgh), PA
June 1st Boston Panthers 0 8
West Roxbury High School – West Roxbury MA
June 8th Boston Huskies (*ECFL*) 18 6
Charleston HS – Boston, MA
June 15th New Jersey Pirates 2 0
Macombs Dam Park – Bronx, New York
June 22nd Central Maine Bucks (*ECFL*) 16 21
Don Rux Field Lewiston, Maine
July 13th Queens Huskies 2 0
Macombs Dam Park – Bronx, New York
July 17th Red Blue Game – Canadian Skills Clinic Blue 18 Red 0
Macombs Dam Park – Bronx, New York
July 27th Le Phénix de Trois-Rivières (International Border Bowl) 0 34
Seminaire St. Joseph de Trois-Rivieres
Aug 4th ECFL Independent Conference Semifinals 2 0
Southern Maine Beavers
Waterhouse Field Biddford Maine
Aug 18th ECFL Independent Conference Championship 14 8
Central Maine Bucks
West Roxbury Academy – West Roxbury MA
Sept 8th Williamson Trade School (PA) 0 57
Media, Pennsylvania

2019 Season Record 7 – 7

Executive Staff
David Patterson Owner/HC 4th YR Pioneer Football League
Jazmine Johnson GM 3rd YR No Prior Experience
Marta Latimer GM 4th YR Bronx Colts
Melissa Patterson Counsel 4th YR Pioneer Football League
Coaching Staff
Dominick Barbetta Asst HC 1st YR Bronx Colts
John McDermott Def Cor 3rd YR Westchester Warriors
Chanton Stevenson Off Cor 2nd YR Bronx Ducks
Luis Nieto Spec Teams 2nd YR Bronx Ducks
Earl Thomas Advisor 4th YR New York Bandits
Harry Irizarry Advisor 3rd YR New York Bandits
Joey Pagan Advisor 3rd YR Major League Football
Leroy Freeman Jr Advisor 3rd YR Bronx Colts
Shaun Kellman Advisor 4th YR Bronx Colts
Charles Hutchinson Advisor 4th YR Bronx Colts
# Name Position Experience
1 Kenyah Wiggins WR 2nd YR Bronx Buccaneers
2 Manny Ortiz QB / DB 2nd YR Westchester Warriors
3 Joshua Vazquez QB 4th YR Bronx Buccaneers
4 Stanley Aristhee DB/WR Rookie Campus Magnet
5 CJ Fabian WR 3rd YR SUNY Morrisville
6 Damien Harvey WR / LB 2nd YR Dewitt Clinton High School
7 Tajae Montgomery RB DB 4th YR Bronx Buccaneers
8 Kenneth Otero OL 4th YR Weeki Wachee HS FL
9 Jakub Rodriguez TE / LB Rookie Staten Island Bandits
10 Jerome Bailey LB DE 4th YR Mount Vernon Kings
11 Kevin Layne WR 3rd YR Harlem Jets
11 Alen Kaminsky DB 3rd YR SUNY Cortland
12 Jaquan Bailey DE Rookie Mount Vernon High School
14 Lavon Diaz DB Rookie New York Red Mambas
15 Dante Thomas QB Rookie New York Red Mambas
16 Mike Ellis QB Rookie New York Red Mambas
17 Emad Alwan K Rookie New York Red Mambas
18 Raydell Jones DL 4th YR Bronx Seahawks
19 Amadou Barry WR Rookie East Harlem Pride
20 Chris Kelly-Davis DB 2nd YR Westchester County College
21 Edward Lawrie Jr. WR 4th YR New York City Lions
22 Taize Williams WR 4th YR New York City Lions
23 Julio Ortiz DB 4th YR Lehman High School
24 Hendryk Rodriguez RB 3rd YR Van Cortland Titans
25 Justin Gaskin RB Rookie James Caldwell High School
26 Danny Velazquez LB / OL 3rd YR Bronx Colts
27 Kalilou Cisse DB 3rd YR Westchester Warriors
28 Gregory Oliver RB Rookie New York City Gators
29 Julian Solomon LB 3rd YR Minnesota Kings
31 Dayshawn Fields DB WR 2nd YR New York Red Mambas
32 Allen Mock DL Rookie Brooklyn Warriors
34 Anthony Berardino RB Rookie Brooklyn Mariners
35 Shalyck Black DB Rookie New York Red Mambas
36 Christian Plummer LB Rookie unkown
40 Ralph Nunez RB Rookie New York Red Mambas
45 Nathaniel Terry RB / DL 3rd YR Brooklyn Storm
50 Mark Nunez OL Rookie Vaughn College
52 Daryl Jackson OL Rookie New York Spartans
54 Raimol Perez LB / DL Rookie ASA
55 Derek Duran LB 2nd YR Van Cortland Titans
56 Kadafi Spencer OL / DL Rookie Bronx Colts
64 Ibraheem Rodriguez OL Rookie Onondaga CC
69 Jarell Lara OL / DL Rookie New York Red Mambas
70 June Lee Ragin OL 4th YR Bronx Seahawks
71 Jimmie Zion West III OL DL Rookie New York Red Mambas
72 Joseuris Concepcion OL / DL Rookie New York Red Mambas
77 Felix Batista OL 2nd YR New York Red Mambas
84 Mario Cabrera WR Rookie Laguardia CC
87 Layquan Georges DE 3rd YR New York Red Mambas
88 Carlos Ramirez OL / DL 3rd YR Christopher Columbus HS
90 Juan Mesa OL / DL 3rd YR Brooklyn Bobcats
92 Travis Wingate OL / DL 4th YR Bronx Seahawks
97 Maurice Jones OL / DL 4th YR Bronx Seahawks
98 Michael Reynoso OL / DL 3rd YR Western CT Militia
99 Leonard Gonell OL / DL 4th YR Morrisville State University

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