New York Patriots

New York Patriots History

Established in 2016, the New York Patriots are the graduate team for Pioneer League alumni and a collegiate level developmental program for players 17 years and older.  The Patriots have became a premier Metropolitan Area football program with the mission of the team is to be dedicated to a quality experience for players by using a highly structured organizational system and structure that was lacking in the football landscape.  In the 2019 they won the East Coast Football League’s Independent Conference Championship.  The Patriots evolved into ambassadors of the game of football, and the City of New York traveling thousands of miles each season playing a independent, interstate and international schedule. 

2020 SCHEDULE  (Record 4-4)

June 27th Connecticut Thundercats (ECFL Southern Conference)   14 0
  Patriots first indoor game – (#19) Chad Frost 50 yard punt return TD      
July 18th Connecticut Thundercats (ECFL Southern Conference)   28 6
  Patriots 3 Touchdown passes – (#0) Malcolm Figueroa 2 TD passes      
Aug 1st Maine Machine (*ECFL* Independent Game)   6 24
  17-0 Deficit in 1st half – 4 turnovers costly for Patriots      
Aug 8th Connecticut Brawlers (2019 NEFL A Champions)   22 28
  Back and Forth Game – Tajae Montgomery 35 Yard INT Ret TD      
Aug 15th Jamaica Plain Huskies (*ECFL* Independent Game)   2 0
  Huskies Did Not Play      
Aug 22nd Maine Machine   24 33
  (*ECFL* Independent Game)      
Aug 29th Mass Mercanaries   cancelled weather
  NEFL Crossover Game      
Sept 12th Jamaica Plain Huskies – (ECFL Independent Semifinals)   36 0
  Montgomery – team record 102yd int for TD – Big plays on Off & Def      
Sept 19th Maine Machine – ECFL Independent Conference Championship   16 19
  Last play comes up short – Patriots battle until the end.        
Sept 26th New Jersey Pirates (Nobles of the Smoke Bowl)   8pm Westampton Sportsplex
        Westampton NJ

Patriots finish season with Rival in Nobles of the Smoke Bowl

Tomas Malave and the New Jersey Pirates host the patriots in the 3rd annual Nobles of the Smoke Bowl. Cigar brand “Nobles of the Smoke” is owned and operated by Troy Miller – a former player of the New York Bandits program. Coach Patterson served as an assistant while Miller played.

Patriots Come Up Short In Big Game – Battle Proudly Until Last Play

There is something to be said about a person or group that in the face of adversity rises up to the odds and prevails. However sometimes that effort gets lost if that person or group doesn’t come out on top and somehow it feels like the good guys didn’t win. The look of disappointment of the faces of the Patriots players after the last ball to the end zone wound up in a Maine defensive backs arms which sealed the championship for the Machine. The feeling that all was put on the field of play and nothing was held back made the loss not feel in any way better but the hunger to compete and an understanding of why we play the game was a wave that came over the entire team.

“In 5 years I would say our biggest problem was leaving something in the tank, leaving something on the table”, said head coach David Patterson, “This last effort wasn’t enough to earn the championship, but I am proud of the way we competed today and got the maximum effort out of everyone”. The Patriots were down 13-0 early when a deep pass and a punt return for a touchdown opened the game in the 1st quarter. The Patriots held it together and scored on a vertical pass from Malcolm Figueroa to Kenyah Wiggins. The Patriot defense buckled down including an inspired performance by the defensive line and linebackers in stopping the Maine Machine all star running back #1. A Manny Ortiz interception stopped another big drive, and the Patriot special teams came up huge again. A blocked punt by Tajae Montgomery set the Patriots up to take the lead. A Chad Frost punt return brought the ball down to the 2 yard line and set up the touchdown and conversion that brought the Patriots within 3 points. A last fumble recovered on another punt led the Patriots within 20 yards of the championship. However, an interception on 3rd down that narrowly missed being caught by Anthony Berardino by inches sealed the Patriots fate.

Patriots Grab A Ticket To The Big Dance – Defeat the Huskies With Record Breaking Performance

It wouldn’t be the Patriots if they took the easy way out. The boys made it harder on themselves with their mid season losing streak dropping them out of the coveted number one seed and into a do or die playoff game with the physical and formidable Jamaica Plain Huskies. The Huskies in last season’s matchup did not surrender a single point on defense…. This year the story was different.

Behind another big time performance and 100 yard rushing afternoon, Anthony Berardino found his way into the end zone on the ground and in the air. One of which a screen pass that went 60 plus yards to paydirt. As the Huskies tried to counterpunch when getting down early it was year 1 veteran Tajae Montgomery that sealed the deal and then put another nail in the coffin. The first was a franchise record 102 yard interception return for a touchdown. Then, before the half could end, he took a quarterback draw 45 yards for a score.

When the final whistle was blown the final was 36-0 but more importantly it signaled the start of the work week to get the trophy for a second consecutive year. In their way, just like last year, is a team from Maine that has beat them in the regular season. Hopefully 3rd time is the charm for the Patriots.

Executive Staff      
David Patterson Owner/HC 5th YR Pioneer Football League
Jazmine Johnson GM 4th YR No Prior Experience
Marta Latimer GM 5th YR Bronx Colts
Melissa Patterson Counsel 5th YR Pioneer Football League
Coaching Staff      
Chanton Stevenson Off Cor 3rd YR Bronx Ducks
Luis Nieto Def Cor 3rd YR Bronx Ducks
Kenneth “Tubby” Otero Asst HC Rookie New York Patriots
John McDermott Advisor 4th YR Westchester Warriors
Earl Thomas Advisor 5th YR New York Bandits
Harry Irizarry Advisor 4th YR New York Bandits
Leroy Freeman Jr Advisor 4th YR Bronx Colts
Shaun Kellman Advisor 5th YR Bronx Colts
Charles Hutchinson Advisor 5th YR Bronx Colts
# Name Position   Experience   HT WT
0 Malcolm Figueroa WR Rookie New York Predators   6’1 188
1 Kenyah Wiggins WR 3rd YR Bronx Buccaneers   5’10 180
2 Anthony Berardino RB 2nd YR Brooklyn Mariners   5’11 205
3 Emad Awad K 2nd YR New York Red Mambas   5’10 160
4 Stanley Aristhee DB/WR 2nd YR Campus Magnet   5’8 160
5 CJ Fabian WR 4th YR SUNY Morrisville   5’11 185
6 Kris Uribe RB 2nd YR New York Mambas   5’9 165
7 Tajae Montgomery RB DB 5th YR Bronx Buccaneers   5’10 180
8 Mike Ellis QB 2nd YR New York Red Mambas   5’9 175
10 Jerome Bailey LB DE 5th YR Mount Vernon Kings   6’2 220
11 Kevin Layne WR 4th YR Harlem Jets   6’0 205
11 Alen Kaminsky DB 4th YR SUNY Cortland   6’0 175
12 Jaquan Bailey DE 2nd YR Mount Vernon High School   6’1 210
13 Justin Gaskin RB 2nd YR James Caldwell High School   5’9 187
15 Donteavious Lawrie RB Rookie Greenburgh Academy   6’2 190
15 Javier Duran QB Rookie Van Cortlandt Titans   6’0 175
16 Jody Johnson QB / DB Rookie University of New Haven   6’2 175
17 Deonte Richardson WR Rookie New York Red Mambas   5’10 170
18 Raydell Jones DL 5th YR Bronx Seahawks   5’10 310
19 Chad Frost WR / DB Rookie New York Gators   5’10 160
20 Nai-Jheir DeVone DB Rookie Empire State Demon Knights   5’9 146
21 Edward Lawrie Jr. WR 5th YR New York City Lions   6’0 213
23 Julio Ortiz DB 5th YR Lehman High School   5’10 180
24 Hendryk Rodriguez RB 4th YR Van Cortland Titans   5’10 180
25 Dwayne Martin FS Rookie Long Island Ducks   6’0 205
26 Manny Ortiz QB / DB 3rd YR Westchester Warriors   5’11 175
27 Kalilou Cisse DB 4th YR Westchester Warriors   5’9 175
28 Gregory Oliver RB 2nd YR New York City Gators   5’5 176
29 Julian Solomon LB 4th YR Minnesota Kings   5’9 229
30 Olayami Biao Adza LB Rookie John F Kennedy High School   5’10 205
31 Dayshawn Fields DB WR 3rd YR New York Red Mambas   6’2 175
32 Allen Mock DL 2nd YR Brooklyn Warriors   6’2 182
33 Ruben Kearse OL 3rd YR New York Spartans   5’10 230
34 Glenn Johnson RB DB Rookie San Diego Bulldogs   5’8 140
35 Shalyck Black DB 2nd YR New York Red Mambas   6’1 165
36 Angel Nerys DB 2nd YR New York Spartans   5’9 175
37 Keion Barron DB Rookie Wilkes University   5’10 205
41 Narayan Burgos RB Rookie New York City Lions   5’7 150
42 Gregory Jackson DL Rookie New York Gators   6’2 300
43 Jacob Romero DB Rookie Mott Haven   5’7 175
44 Adam Pagan DB Rookie Bronx Colts   5’7 215
45 Nathaniel Terry RB / DL 4th YR Brooklyn Storm   6’1 190
47 Manuel Reyes TE 2nd YR Kennedy High School   5’10 200
50 Mark Nunez OL 2nd YR Vaughn College   5’9 230
51 Jeffrey Hunter LB Rookie Bronx Colts   5’10 220
52 Jose Beato OL / DL Rookie Alfred State University      
53 Jose Velez OL Rookie Brooklyn Seminoles   6’4 275
54 Raimol Perez LB / DL 2nd YR ASA   5’9 200
55 Derek Duran LB 3rd YR Van Cortland Titans   6’1 200
57 Shawn Patton DL Rookie Bronx Colts   6’3 320
64 Phillipe Gordon LB Rookie New York Spartans   5’11 290
70 June Lee Ragin OL 5th YR Bronx Seahawks   5’6 260
71 Latif Adams DL Rookie Westchester Warriors   6’1 260
77 Tim Vega OL 2nd YR Outlaws   6’0 280
80 Matthew Rosario WR / DB Rookie Legilan   5’6 165
82 Maleik Shepard TE Rookie New York Gators   6’6 275
83 Devin Bermudez WR Rookie New York Mambas   5’10 140
84 Mario Cabrera WR 2nd YR Laguardia CC   5’11 170
85 Daniel Mejia            
88 Carlos Ramirez OL / DL 4th YR Christopher Columbus HS   6’2 250
89 Steven Ramirez WR Rookie Bronx Colts   6’2 185
92 Travis Wingate OL / DL 5th YR Bronx Seahawks   6’4 317
95 Joshua Spencer LB Rookie Erasmus Hall   6’3 250
96 Fernando Somarriba DL / LB Rookie BQFL Flag Football   5’10 240
97 Maurice Jones OL / DL 5th YR Bronx Seahawks   6’5 300
99 Leonard Gonell OL / DL 5th YR Morrisville State University   6’4 300