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Class of 2020

The challenges that were presented in the year 2020 gave us an opportunity to take some time and recognize the pillars of the football community in the region.  These men served as mentors to not only countless football players, but coaches and admin as well which made the Pioneer landscape possible.  In the remaining weeks of 2020 we will cover each of these gentlemen’s impact and careers with their link to the PFL which made this years class of Hall of Famers an ELITE group.

Al Alston Vice President of BNEFF Group –

John Shishkowsky – Minor League Commissioner and Semi Pro Hall of Famer

Dexter Girven – President BNEFF Group

Billy Badson – Owner New York Bandit Football

Al Chamblis – Owner Triboro Football League

Class of 2019

Coach Rock is that guy.  When you speak to anyone that has been around him whether it be football or otherwise that is the most common way to describe the man.  In a year where the league salutes those that supported the PFL in dynamic ways that are not as traditional as the existing members of the hall, it was only appropriate we start with Rock.  One of the few that have been around PFL products since day one, Rock was a huge part of the Brooklyn Ruff Ryderz program that won the inaugural championship in the collegiate division.  His work on the administrative side of the program was huge in the Ryderz season.

Rock continued working behind the scenes, never seeking attention but seeing much gratification with every accomplishment of the league and its players especially.  He was a huge part in getting the New York Patriots started and was a coach in their inaugural season in 2016.  He remains an adviser to the team and the league as a whole today.

2012 PFL Collegiate Level Champion (Coach)

2019 ECFL Independent Conference Champion (Advisor)

Team Mom has been a position used in youth sports for decades.  The PFL evolved the concept of the team mom into the general manager position.  With the evolution came a professionalism and quality of service/care that were developed by a few women in the PFL. One of them, Melissa Dufauchard was the a spirit that we were compelled to immortalize in our hall of fame.  As part of the Long Island Spartans her work behind the scenes led to her being named as a coach in the 2014 All Star Game (Which her team won).  Her service in the support of her son and the other children on the Spartans and throughout the league was inspirational.

2015, 2016 10U Pioneer League Champions

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 12U Pioneer League Champions

2014, 2015 14U Pioneer League Champions

2014 Pioneer League All Star Head Coach

2013 Pioneer League Program of The Year

There are personalities that were captured during the infancy of the league on the PFL Sportscenter shows that kicked off the revolutionary path of the PFL.  One of those personalities that was caught often was Noelle Rodriguez.  Her players as well as the entire league and beyond would quickly get to know “MOMMA BOBCAT” through her witty and passionate banter with the other PFL personalities.  She could be seen on the Brooklyn Bobcat sideline providing her players water, medical attention or just some plain good advice.  As her and husband Tony as owners of the Bobcats made the Pioneer League home their version of crazy fit right in.  We thank Momma Bobcat for her passion and dedication to the sport and the players that the program has helped over the years.

Professionalism, dedication, and prestige are the cornerstones to the organizations that are able to make an impact.  Earl Thomas embodies these ideals and the best part is that he does this with many people who are not in the immediate circle noticing.  The third ranking member of the corporation Pioneer Football League Inc. is Earl Thomas for a reason.  As a member of the New York Bandits he carried the torch and waved the flag of pride in program as a player first and then later as a general manager.  While continuing  his duties with the Bandits he has helped with a number of initiatives of the Pioneer League since day one.  From the Sunshine Classic to the New York Patriots his ideas and support are behind every move that the PFL makes.

2 Time Champion with the New York Bandits as a player

Supported and provided assistance to Bronx Colts and New York Patriots programs.

You won’t see many pictures of Coach Flores at Steeler events.  He is the one that is running around doing things that need to be done. He may be the one that is taking the pictures and video.  You won’t hear Coach FLores at Bronx Steeler events, he speaks with actions that resonate more than his words.  The one thing that stood out when considering Coach Flores for the hall of fame is that when the battles are over and all the work is done the KIDS always have a habit of saying and acknowledging the work that COach Flores does.  The Steelers have a couple of people that over the years you get used to seeing.  The gentleman that Coach Flores is makes a calming feel in the midst of the Tri State operations that go 100 mph on most weekends.  We wanted to acknowledge and appreciate the work that Coach Flores has put in over the years as you will run into coaches that are louder, and more boisterous but Coach Flores legacy as a class act requires no explanation.

Class of 2018

Dennis O’Neil is one of the legends of youth football in the City of New York… and for good reason.  Even before he founded the Bronx Buccaneer program, his resume was hall of fame caliber.  After building a program that would see 8 year olds and 21 year olds compete under the same banner  successfully, the Bronx Buccaneer program name has been synonymous with class and structure.  The alumni network that Coach O has set up with Cardinal Hayes and other schools has provided the young men and women of the Bronx (cheerleading included) with a pipeline of athletic and academic excellence.  His resume in retirement has built his legacy to an even higher level as his program and connections still have a lasting impact of the Pioneer League.

2013 PFL Coach Of The Year

2014 Varsity Divison Champions

2015 Program of the Year

2017 Tri State Conference Champions

Nobody waves the banner of pride in program like Ms. Tasha Harris -Andrews.  The amount of spirit and enthusiasm that Ms. Tasha has is second to none.  As the General Manager of the Bronx Buccaneers she was the exemplary example of how organizations should handle business.  It was largely due to her efforts that the Bronx Buccaneers became one of the pillar programs in the Pioneer League.  She also served on the league level by teaching the skills of the master General Managers to the rest of the league.  She was a mainstay at Pioneer events whether tackling at a heads up clinic or marching in a parade.  She made a monumental impact on the lives of the Buccaneer players and all of the people that she worked with in the Pioneer.

2014 Varsity Divison Champions

2015 Program of The Year

2015 General Manager of The Year

2017 Tri State Conference Champions

Quadir Russell was the other building block that established a standard in the Pioneer League.  As part of the championship tandem that won PFL Championships, Russell was a thoroughbred running back for the Long Island Spartans.  He was a highlight reel and anyone that came in contact with him during his dominance in the PFL was left with a lasting impression.  He was also a standout in the PFL all star game as well which he carried that momentum into high school.  At North Babylon High School he played varsity football for four years, set a division record for single season sacks, and his team won 2017 Suffolk County Championship.  He also played varsity basketball for two years and Varsity lacrosse for two years.  He excel din the classroom and as a Academic All-County, National Honor Society and Class President he now playing at academic powerhouse Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

2014 Intermediate Division Championship

2014 All Star Selection

Gerald Filardi Jr. was a building block that established a standard for both quarterbacks and teams in Pioneer League. His work ethic to overcome that initial season that the Spartans struggled he would become part of the machine that would win 3 PFL Championships. Besides having MVP performances in the All Star game.  Gerald Jr. went on to star as a four year starter at Half Hollow Hills West at quarterback and on the West lacrosse team, Filardi was named All-Division during his junior year.  He choose to play lacrosse at his father’s alma mater Penn State.

2013 Pee Wee Division Championship

2013 All Star Selection

2014 Intermediate Division Championship

2014 All Star Selection

Gerald Filardi Sr. and his Long Island Spartans program were one of the most important organizations in the birth of the Pioneer League.  Gerald as the founder was quite accomplished before starting the Spartans.  The former Pittsburgh Steeler and Penn State linebacker brought a very structured and disciplined program to the league that made everyone else step up their game.  The results after a struggling initial season on the field were as permanent as they were impressive with Filardi as the Offensive and Defensive Coordinator during this span the Spartans were annual collectors of league honors and championships.

2015, 2016 10U Pioneer League Champions

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 12U Pioneer League Champions

2014, 2015 14U Pioneer League Champions

2015 Pioneer League Coach of The Year

2013 Pioneer League Program of The Year

Class of 2017

free hall of fame

As a founder of the Pioneer Football League the impact that Leroy Freeman Jr. has had on Bronx football predates the beginning of the  league itself.   The Bronx Colts, who have been a staple in the south Bronx for decades have been led by “Coach Free” for so long that prominent coaches from the Bronx have been coached by Free in their younger days.  Having experience in other leagues in the New York City area and a wealth of knowledge about the sport and the development of young men Coach Free was the likely source for the establishment of the premier football league to come out of the Bronx.

Coach Free directed the establishment of the youth divisions of the PFL, including the recruitment of teams and development of programs to enhance the players experience beyond the 8 scheduled games.   Coach Free is the driving force behind many of the PFL special events including the inaugural and 5th year PFL Championship weekends.   He is also responsible for such college connections as the annual Pinstripe Bowl and other specialty college football games at Yankee Stadium.  The ideals of Pioneer Football experiences, Coach Free is pillar of his community and as active in the boardroom as he is on the football field.

2017 10u Legacy Conference Championship

2017 12u Tri State Conference Championship

2014 Spring Classic Championship

2013 Spring Classic Championship

2013 PFL Collegiate Division Championship

2012 14u Intermediate Division Championship

2012 Program of the Year

2012 Founder – Pioneer Football League

Shawn hall of fame

As a founder of the Pioneer Football League, Shawn Godbolt’s legacy within the league has been trademarked with an uncanny knack of shooting for the stars.  Although many believed it not possible, the Bronx Steelers 2012 team of 10 12 and 14 year old squads turned into a conference and a football experience for the underserved population of the Bronx which is undoubtedly has been a story that should be told as a true community hero folktale.

Besides his annual trips up and down the east coast for games and other experiences, Godbolt has exposed more youth in the Bronx to the outside world and opportunities than many community service organizations with budgets that far exceed his.  Besides playing and winning games in multiple states on a yearly basis with the Bronx Steelers, Godbolt branched out and developed the Tri State Conference, a tutorial for developing teams and organizations and served as the proving ground for the Pioneer League for teams looking to compete for the crown.   As the PFL executive board Chief Financial Officer he opened a bunch of initiatives that raised money for the league to do dynamic activities that put the league on the map.

His ideas and initiatives have shaped the league in a very prominent way.  Everything from in season travel, fundraising, and league events.  His aim has always been to keep kids off the street and he has the numbers to show that he has served his community to a maximum effort as week as a maximum result.  More college trips, cultural trips, road trips to play games than many programs that have been operating far longer than his.  His recruitment of teams to the league as well as the way he waved the league banner in 6 years has put the league in a position to be the largest in the region.

2013 10u Junior Pee Wee Championship – Bronx Steelers

2013 14u Intermediate Championship – Bronx Steelers

2014 – Pioneer League Coach of the Year

2015 – PFL 14u Division 2 Championship – Bronx Steelers

2015 – PFL 10u Division 2 Championship – Bronx Bears

2016 – Founder Tri State Conference

2016 – 10u Tri State Conference Championship – Bronx Steelers

2016 – 12u Tri State Conference Championship – Bronx Steelers

2016 – PFL Program of the Year – Bronx Bills

2017 – PFL 14u Legacy Conference Champions

2014 – 2017 Pioneer League Executive Board Chief Financial Officer

thurman hall of fame

The 4th founder of the Pioneer League and one of the members that saw immediate success in the establishment of the new concept in youth football coming out of the Bronx.  As the owner of the Bronx Nittany Lions, Coach Thurman was one of the active voices in shaping policy as the PFL was getting off the ground.  Thurman was also one of the voices that immediately pushed policy to get PFL teams involved in National affiliations and travel games something that paid off later in the development of the league.

Later on he was one of the founders of the Inner City Conference and worked in the executive board of the Inner City operations in the transition into the conference system within the league.

2012 10u Junior Pee Wee Championship

2012 12u Pee Wee Championship

2016 Executive Board – Inner City Conference

goya hall of fame

The first female to be inducted into the Pioneer Football League Hall of Fame, Marta Latimer is a well deserved inductee that truly represents for the ladies.  The fact of the matter is that she is not the first woman to have an impact in the Pioneer League, but as far as accomplishments go, she is with little debate the most important.  Starting on the coaching end, she is our first PFL player safety coach certified by the National Football League…. Not the first woman… The first person … period.   Her role as player safety coach has developed a bunch of young coaches within the league and sustained quality instruction with the PFL.  In her role as General Manager of the Bronx Colts she excelled and became one of the shining examples of the way the role should be carried out.

On the league level, Marta, better known as Goya has made a huge impact in the football landscape in New York.  All teams in the PFL know her from PFL Sportscenter and her constant and excellent contributions to league events like championships, media day, and all star games.  her work in PFL Media was strongly rooted in the desire to uncover all of the accomplishments of the women in the respective PFL programs.  The face of the Women in Football PFL Program, she interviewed and profiled while supporting the female pliers, coaches and other staff members within the league.  Her latest role as one of the general managers of the New York Patriots, she managed the collegiate level program of the PFL and helped provide another PFL quality product that earned the respect of the players and staff members alike.

2017 10u Legacy Conference Championship – Bronx Colts

2017 12u Tri State Conference Championship – Bronx Colts

2017 PFL Senior Divison Championship – New York Red Mambas

2016 – present – PFL Executive Board

2015- present – Women in the PFL initiative director

2014- NFL Heads Up Player Safety Coach – Heads Up Program

2016-2017 – New York Patriots General Manager

rick hall of fame

The measure of a man is often dictated by the impact that he has on others lives.  Most times we can see this at work the first time meeting and shaking hands with a new face.  In the case of Richard Hernandez, better known as Coach Rick most PFL players, parents and staff members can be remember that the first time meeting him  they were greeted with a smile, handshake and about 50 questions on how he can serve them better.

It is a mark of a perfectionist, or maybe just the fact that the man cares with all of his heart that a conversation with Coach Rick you feel as though you are the only one in the room even if it is at a major event.  The drive that the man has, the motivation of being the best, and the passion that he moves with makes the Pioneer League the stable product in the midst of constant challenges and tribulations.  Through it all the job the Chief Executive Officer, which Hernandez has held for 2 years, has been to keep the ship steady in the midst of turbulent waters.  Successfully, for those two seasons, he has presided over the largest expansion in league history and the management of the most talented (and stubborn) leaders in the region.  All with the focus on being providing quality football for our area youth and producing events that the league and ownership can be proud of.  His list of accomplishments makes him a deserving inductee, but the impact personally on so many lives is immeasurable.

2013 – Coach Bronx Nittany Lions

2014 – 2015 Coach and Administrator Bronx Buccaneers

2014 – Senior Division Championship – Bronx Buccaneers

2015 – Program of the Year – Bronx Buccaneers

2016- present – Chief Executive Officer – Pioneer Football League

2017 – Pioneer Football League Executive of the Year

2016 -2017 – General Manager New York Patriots

Class Of 2016

hof x

Xavier Hamilton’s impact on the Pioneer League is probably more profound than he realizes.  On the field his moves are electric and spark a confidence that is contagious as he makes everyone around him step their game up.  At quarterback, “X” as they call him, made plays with his feet and with a powerful arm that put up numbers.  He also lined up at receiver and in the 3rd Colts Championship run caught TD passes weekly that made Sportscenter highlight reels.  He also lined up in the backfield and was very hard to tackle on his way to big gains in critical situations.  He also lined up on defense and his area was a literal “no fly zone”.  X in mathematics means the unknown, in Hamilton’s case, X means infinite possibilities.  He also raised the social awareness of the league with his dedication to former Truman High School  teammate Isayah Muller.  Hamilton was the lead on the PFL’s annual Muller weekend to honor the young man’s memory.  A dynamic and very intelligent young man, Hamilton is as witty in a conversation about life as he is while evading tacklers.  His style on the field was smooth as his play and he will be one of the top fashion gurus in the PFL Hall Of Fame.

3X Collegiate Level Champion

2013 PFL All Star Selection

hof wiggins

When the Harlem Jets take the field at 128th Street, the sound that you hear from the DJ table is noticeably football savvy.  When you see the Jets truck pull up and see that guy that who is driving the truck and unloading it as well seems to know everyone there.  When you think about who would roll up their sleeves and do these type of things the co-founder and any other executive position would be out of the thought process.   However, that guy, Kevin Wiggins is the man who loves his program so much that this is normal course of business.  He was one of the biggest supporters of the idea of the Pioneer League and the driving force behind the 18u Harlem Jets team.  5 years later, the Jets have 3 PFL Championships and a host of other accomplishments.  You can still bet that if anything still needs to be done that Mr. Wiggins would not hesitate to get his hands dirty again.  It is that work ethic and dedication to the children of the Harlem Jets and the PFL as a whole that makes him a Hall Of Famer.

3X PFL Senior  Level Champion

2012 Undefeated Season (1st In PFL History)

hof J Rijo

The game of football gives the glory to the little guys that carry the ball.  The game of football is won between the tackles.  Jon Rijo was the driving force behind the first collegiate champions of the Pioneer League.  An outstanding young man, the former Brooklyn Ruff Ryder used what he learned to springboard himself to college.  It was because of his success in that transition that turned more heads, and opened more doors PFL players.   His ability to learn vaulted him to the next level and matched with his size and great footwork he is aiming to be the first PFL alum to get paid to play football as a professional.  Knowing how he is this is surely going to be another milestone for Rijo and the league as well.

Played at Bethany College and then Lincoln University (graduate)

2012 PFL All Star Selection

2012 PFL Collegiate Level Champion

hof chuck

Quiet…. Humble…. but far from passive.  Charles Hutchinson often gets overlooked by people that don’t have a front seat to the show that is the Bronx Colts Collegiate program.  Similar to Hutchinson the running back who quietly racked up yards and controlled possessions to get the New York Spartans their 2009 Gridiron Elite Championship.  As a player, you could count on him to execute fundamentals and to make smart decisions to help the team.  He picked up blocks more efficiently and with more calculation than than a mathematician.  As a coach, his attention to detail and his stoic yet passionate demeanor commands the respect and develops a love from his players.  As an offensive coordinator, his unit has put up record numbers and the execution from all 11 on the field is a testament to his commitment to excellence.

2008 Empire Conference Champion (BNEFF) (player)

2009 Spring Classic Champion (GIE) (player)

3X PFL Collegiate Level Champion (Coach)

2 Undefeated Seasons

2012 All Star Selection (Coach)

2014 & 2015 Triboro Football League Champion (PFL Affiliate)

hof boppa

Boppa, as he is affectionately called is the guy that does what is needed to win.  He played quarterback and defensive line multiple times in his PFL career… because that is what the team needed.  He switched to fullback… because the team needed it.  When seeing him play in the All star series his passion as a competitor was still on display.  The Army Navy PFL All Star game where he played all over the place to get team Navy a victory.  The 2012 win in Connecticut against a much older Ravens team, where he led the team as the quarterback to a dominating performance.  And in the Spartan Bowl as a blizzard had covered the field with snow and gale force winds, he stuck it out and was a driving force for the comeback win.  With these performances and his drive to be the best, Boppa has cemented his legacy in the leagues history and his spot in the Hall Of Fame.

2X PFL All Star Selection

2012 PFL Collegiate Level Champion

Class Of 2015


Samuel Appiah came on the scene in the PFL in a flash. He first caught our eye with his amazing ability to find holes in defenses on his way to long touchdown runs. He then captured glory when his play led the Buccaneers to consecutive championship appearances and a title in the 2014 season. With his All Star Selection in 2014 he was a prime candidate for the Hall. He attained greatness when he packaged all of this football skill with a quiet but noticeable leadership quality that made him the ultimate teammate. He was noticeably talented every time he stepped on the field the last two seasons. With an acceptance to Central Michigan University where he will play next and earn a degree makes him a Hall Of Famer.

All Star Selection 2013

Senior Level Championship 2014


Hardware is something that Theron Glynn has become accustomed to collecting. This 3 time PFL Champion collected MVP honors in the Spring Classic and the Fall season. His acrobatic runs made sportscenter “must see tv” including his hurdle of an unsuspecting defender that was the marquee piece in the shows opening credits. A slippery runner who brings back memories of the likes of Fran Tarkenton, Glynn proved impossible to tackle and set multiple PFL records in offensive production. He also was a 2 time PFL All Star. For Glynn it is fitting that we remember his dynamic ability which opened the eyes and doors of colleges and minor league programs to recruit PFL players as a recognition of the talent that compete on our fields. That would not have been possible without this young man’s efforts.

3X Collegiate Level Champion

2 Time PFL All Star Selection

3X Championship Game MVP

Spring 2013 Season MVP


One of the pillars in PFL history,, Shaun Kellman’s spot in the hall reserved for the man for all of his contributions to the heritage of the Pioneer League. As a player for the New York Spartans, he was a captain that helped lead the team to Championships in 2008 and 2009 along with a 4 time All Star. As the co-head coach of the Bronx Colts, he lead his team to 4 Pioneer League championship games winning 3 of them and winning a Minor League championship last season as a PFL affiliate. Winning just seems to be something that “Coach Black” does. The defensive mastermind for a unit that put up more points in Spring Classic play than other teams scored as a whole speaks volumes. The mouthpiece of the program, Kellman is the one that gets a team full of young, anxious, and talented ballplayers to play as a cohesive machine.

2008 Empire Conference Champion (BNEFF)

2009 Spring Classic Champion (GIE)

4X All Star as a Player

Defensive Player of The Year

ASA Junior College (graduate)

3X PFL Collegiate Level Champion (Coach)

2 Undefeated Seasons

2012 All Star Selection (Coach)

2014 & 2015 Triboro Football League Champion (PFL Affiliate)


Coach Ali can now crack a smile, which he only does on one other occasion. Perfectionist is the word that best describes him as he truly coaches from the opening kickoff until the last handshake on the 50 yard line. In some ways he is an artist, as his masterpiece only allows him to rest when the championship trophy is in his hands. 3 Championship appearances, 2 titles and along the way a winning percentage above 90%. The Harlem Jets 18 and under team was a model franchise thanks to his efforts and the Pioneer League Friday night lights at 128th was even more fun thanks to the pregame, during game and postgame commentary of Coach Ali. The men in his program have the utmost respect for him and his efforts have placed players on college and prep school rosters across the football landscape. The attention to details is what made him so successful and it is that dedication that paved his way into the Hall Of Fame.

2X PFL Senior  Level Champion

2012 Undefeated Season (1st In PFL History)


Big Mike as he is affectionately called is also the way you can describe his play in critical moments. When a player is needed to get the ball back, make a big stop on defense and rally the troops, he comes up big. With a second consecutive title is on the line and the Harlem Jets needed a ball carrier to run the ball through a defense to chew up yards and the clock, it was Big Mike that came up huge. Urbaez represented the PFL proudly during his career. Representing the PFL in multiple All Star games including a team USA selection. When giving interviews for PFL Sportscenter you could tell that the young man has a eagerness to conquer the big moments. The mixture of his size and agility makes him a weapon on both sides of the ball. He can catch balls with a nimbleness that does not match his frame. There are very few things that he cannot do on a football field.

2X PFL Senior Level Champion

2X All Star Selection

2013 Championship Game MVP

Class Of 2014

HallofFame Matt Otero

When you are recognized on the street as the “Pioneer League” guy is it hard to pretend that the guy has not had a major impact.  The face of the PFL on the weekly Sportscenter Show, Fridge turned a fun little way to spend an afternoon into must see internet TV.  The questions, the antics and the charisma of the young man has made the PFL a force in the New York City area.  As a player, Fridge played and anchored a talented Bronx Colts offensive line that dominated competition and made the collegiate championship game in the inaugural campaign.  He also held an administration position with the Bronx Seahawks, giving them instant credibility and as a coach led the Seahawks to a successful inaugural fall campaign.  One of the original 3 Trustees, a participant of the John Gogarty Memorial Game as a member of the Staten Island Bandits, Fridge has set the concrete of the solid foundation that the league is built on.

All Star Selection 2012 as a player

All Star Selection 2013 as a coach

Bronx Colts Player

Played on Staten Island Bandits for John Gogarty Memorial Game

Bronx Seahawks Coach

Host on PFL Sportscenter

HallofFame Jay Carter

You can tell a lot about a person by the way that they smile. When you see Jay Carter on a football field he wears a grin that goes ear to ear. It is difficult to keep a straight face in his presence as his entire aura has a positive vibe that is infectious. Carter (aka Ahkbar Kareem) is PFL to the core. Whether it is interviewing a 10 year old about a touchdown they scored, grabbing an interception and telling you the story about how he said something funny to the receiver after doing it, or taking a young man aside for a coaching moment. He is the first PFL player to also coach a PFL team and even more impressive is that he has won multiple championships as a player AND as a coach. He has also completed an undefeated season as a player AND as a coach. An impact player on the field, Carter is a versatile defensive specialist, and has played 9 different positions on defense alone. An original trustee, his accolades are second to none he has the most PFL hardware than anyone else in league history.
2 time all star selection
2x Champion Coach for Harlem Jets
3x Champion Player for the Bronx Colts
Coach for Bronx Colts 2014- present
Host of PFL Sportscenter

HallofFame Shamell Jackson

If you sit down with Shamell Jackson for more than 3 minutes there is a distinct possibility that he has already bet something that he can do something better than you.  Whether it is an intellectual challenge like trivia or a physical challenge of lifting or doing something that may seem pointless – the bottom line is… Shamell wants to win.  It is that competitive drive that has made Shamell Jackson a young man who is the leader of other young men.  He marches to the beat of his own drum, and often tries to dismantle and reassemble the drum whenever he gets bored.  His outlook on the football field is the same, and his drive off the football field has propelled the Pioneer Football League to its popularity.  Shamell was a part of the Bronx Colts collegiate team that reached the inaugural championship.  He then joined a very young Bronx Buccaneers squad and was a leader on a team that made an unexpected rise to a championship game appearance in the spring.  He then joined a brand new program in the Bronx Seahawks and made them a factor immediately.  Jackson now coaches for the Buccaneers and continues to be a league representative and one of the engines that powers the PFL factory.  He isn’t into bandwagons, or teaming up for an easy win.  He takes pride in accomplishing the tasks that are difficult not the ones that are easy and simple.  Ironically he wears the number 0, which we attribute to his desire to build the next empire from the ground floor.

2 time All Star selection

2 PFL Championship Game Appearances

Played for Bronx Colts, Bronx Buccs, Bronx Seahawks

Coach Bronx Buccaneers

League Cameraman and Feature Interviewer

HallofFame Dajawn Wiggins

If you were to watch Dayjawn Wiggins play football, and didn’t know him personally, you would think that the player that you see would be as loud verbally as his play speaks between the lines.  When the helmet comes off you meet the most humble and articulate young man that you will ever speak to.  He may have a reason to boast, seeing him throw a football is a very impressive sight.  He  may have a reason to brag, he calls his own plays which is a responsibility that the elite pros have a reservation for.  Wiggins just replies, WE work hard.   That is the mark of an elite player, as Dayjawn does not hang on his past accolades, only a snipers like focus on the best championship.  In his mind the NEXT championship.  For the two time defending champions, their field general is unmistakable.  Wiggins has a laundry list of things that he has done which have made the profile of the PFL skyrocket.  He even competed against much older players as a quarterback on the collegiate level all star game.  The followers of PFL football know his highlights, and other teams in the Varsity division aim to compete with him.  If they were on paper the laundry list of his accomplishments are underneath his TO DO LIST.

2 Time PFL All Star

2 Time PFL Champion –

2012 – Championship Game MVP

Quarterback of Undefeated 2012 Varsity Team

HallofFame Raphael Trammel

There are a very few amount of people in sports that can have their name brought up in conversation by purely saying a number.  In basketball, 23 – When you hear or see it most will make the connection. In hockey, 99 – you can’t think of anyone else.  In baseball, 3 – the number that built legendary tales of triumph.  In the Pioneer League, 9 – there is no need to go any further because once you hear the number you have already started on the story of how Raphael Trammell won a game for you, or destroyed your gridiron dreams on a single play.

The story of the PFL began before our inaugural championship game in 2013, but if the story was a movie, that flashpoint of the PFL story would begin with Raphael Trammell returning a kickoff for a touchdown… It would end with Trammell returning a second kickoff for a touchdown.  The young man is dynamic off the field, as artistic as he his physical.  He is so dynamic on the field that you have no other choice but to include him in your gameplan.  In his PFL career he was better than 65% to the house on kickoffs… what would have been statistical impossibility in your mind had you never seen him play.  A pure athlete that you want to put the ball in his hands and he will immediately change the game.  His big returns include the PFL All Star games vs the  Connecticut Ravens in 2012, and the New Jersey Spartans in 2013.  But he has and will most likely be for a very long time, the only player to be responsible for all points by a winning team in a PFL Championship game.  He followed it up by joining the same team he tormented for a Spring Classic championship in 2014.  Overall, Trammell wrote the part of the script of PFL history that makes it a book that you can’t put down.

2 time PFL All Star

2 Time Champion

2012 Championship  Game MVP