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Pioneer League Taking Applications

We are currently taking applications for the 2012 football season in all divisions.  We will be selecting programs based on a system to ensure that only program that are willing to promote the quality that we are looking for will represent the league.  Applicants will submit a proposal that addresses the following.

Name of Team:

Area Represented:

Years of Operation:

Team Colors:

Home Field:

Age Groups Competing:

Notable Accomplishments:

Community service or other activities:

Why does your program belong in a quality league?


Your presentation can be emailed to or mailed to or address on the letterhead.

Pioneer League Announces Age Divisions

The league will have the following divisions with no weight restrictions.

7-8 year olds Mighty Mite

9-10 year olds Junior Pee Wee

11-12 year olds Pee Wee

13-14 year olds Intermediate  

15-17 year olds Senior (High School Level)

18-21 year olds Collegiate

Rosters will be posted online and the rosters will be locked after the 3rd week f the season.  Players will have photo and identification registered with the league.  Players not playing in their proper age group will be eliminated with an electronic system that if put in question the players photo will be checked by the league to ensure fair play.

Learn What The PFL Offers Prospective Teams

The benefits include a fully functioning website that is updated and covers your team whether you win all or none of your games.  If your organization does not have a website, you can direct your organization to the league website ( where we will post vital information on game dates and locations complete with directions and photos.  If your organization takes photos we will post those as well.  Your banner and logos will be represented with every other team in the league.  If you need a logo or upgrade we can assist you with graphics as well.  We also will be sending staff to film clips of your games so that the thousands of people that log onto the site can see what great work your organization is doing.     

We also will provide structure that is rare in this area.  We will provide teams with a full schedule of games (8 for teams 14 and under and 10 for teams 15 and up.  Teams will have a schedule well in advance to obtain proper permits and travel arrangements.  Playoff format is predetermined based on the amount of teams with higher seeds getting home games until the championship weekend.  Championship weekend and All Star weekend will be held at one super site for a celebration day of top quality football that the entire league and city will enjoy.  Referees will be paid for by the league in the 2nd round of playoffs and on so you can budget yourself accordingly.

Pioneer League On A Mission

The 2012 season will mark a turning point in the perception of football in the New York City area.  The area and state of New York as a whole does not get national recognition for being a breeding ground for football talent.  That is about to change with the inaugural season of the Pioneer Football League.  This promises to be the premier Metropolitan Area football league for youth and young adult football.  The mission of the league is to be dedicated to a quality experience for players, coaches and owners.  As a result of increased organization and structure that is lacking in the football landscape you will be able to give a better experience to your parents and fans of the communities in which you operate within.

What The PFL Is About

The 2011 season is coming to a close. 2012 is right around the corner. Youth football players looking for a team, get exposure to play high school or college ball, or to be able to see your highlights and stories about your accomplishments on a professional looking website the Pioneer League is for the players!


Coaches, 2012 is almost here. Are you going to spend it worrying about teams looking different from week 1 to the playoffs? The Pioneer League provides locked rosters and checks that make sure the competition is fair so you don’t have to. Rosters posted on a professional website so you know who your playing. Full schedule of games 8 for 14 and under and 10 for 15 and up. The Pioneer League is for Coaches!

Youth program owners, the 2012 season is almost here. Spend it knowing how much your going to spend with a schedule that is released over a month in advance. Regional games as well as the opportunity to travel and represent your league for a low cost. The Pioneer League is about the Owners


Introducing The Pioneer Football League

There is light at the end of the tunnel…Introducing the Pioneer League, A Metropolitan Area football league that is dedicated to quality youth football and a quality experience for players, coaches and owners. The league will have the following divisions with no weight restrictions. 7-8 Mighty Mites 9-10 Junior Pee Wees 11-12 Pee Wees 13-14 Intermediates … 15-17 Seniors 18-21 Collegiate FULL SCHEDULE. Rules that are followed and posted. Will be unveiling our website in upcoming weeks. If your interested in top quality and fair competition please send an email with your information to