Bylaws – Countdown to Release

The Bylaws of the Pioneer League are being finalized at press time.  The Bylaws will be released by the end of the weekend.  The process goes as follows.

March 24th-25th Bylaws released (Draft Form)

April 21st Bylaw Meeting – TBA -Deposits due ($250) Teams locked in

                                                         Bring preferred home dates

                                                          Bring Bylaw proposals – must be emailed by April 18th for distribution

                                                          Votes taken on all proposals

 Note that registration for teams will not be announced until after Bylaws meeting .  Bylaws will dictate the procedure for registration of players AND IF there is any processing fee AND what the fee collection will be spent on. 

May 1st Bylaws posted and ratified for 2012 season

May-June 7 on 7 tourney

June 1st – Schedule posted

August   25th kickoff weekend -15 and up

September 8th – kickoff weekend 14 and under



Intermediates (13-14) Division Is Stacked!!!

The Pioneer League has been picking up speed and there are calls coming in about joining for 2012. The question on everyones mind is “Who is in?” Well technically nobody yet but FAR from the case when looking at the teams that have committ…ed and are in the process of completing application. The 13-14 year old group may stack up to have the most teams AND the most competition. Currently it looks like 12 teams will be locked in with 3-5 additional teams that are possible to lock in before summer hits. That means that kickoff weekend could have as many as 8 games that will fill the schedule with New York City football action. If we stay at the current 12 teams the breakdown would most likely be at 3 conferences of 4 teams. More than likely the schedule will fill out with The South Bronx/Harlem Group of Bronx Colts, East Harlem Titans, Mott Haven Bears ,NY Wildcards, Bronx Nittany Lions, – The North Bronx / Westchester Division Bronx Steelers, Bronx Bandits, Bronx Buccs, Yonkers NY Giants The Brooklyn/East Bronx Division , Brooklyn Ruff Ryderz, Brooklyn Whipsticks, Brooklyn Cardinals and an additional 1 or 2 Brooklyn teams.

14 and Under Programs Building Major Steam

The Youth Movement is here and yes… it will be televised on Pioneer Football Network Television.  The solid core of ownership of the premier youth teams in the area have been in talks on how to promote their buisness to the communmity and outer regions.  Some of those discussions ranged from local rivalries to national travel and tournament play.  The teams, which have included the Brooklyn Ruff Ryderz, Yonkers Giants, Bronx Colts, Bronx Nittany Lions and Bronx Steelers among others have been working tirelessly to make sure the 14 and under segment of the league is hitting on all cylinders when kickoff comes around. 

“Right now the leagues under 14 age teams are chomping at the bit to get the attention of the football and general community starting right away” said a league representative, “they have seen the buzz of chatter about the older programs and are ready to take the main stage with a quality brand of football.” 

Teams have reached out to the league late in the process because apparently word didn’t get out that the Pioneer will be having teams as young as 7 years old.  The teams that have started to inquire about joining were quickly impressed with the leagues structure, ownership component and economics.  “Where does the money go to” asked one organization head, and the reply was simply “Where the budget says it will go that will be given to you in hard copy or email if you would like”.   

The purpose of youth sports is to have fun and for the season which starts September 8th, the PFL will ensure that the Youth Movement will be televised!

Pioneer League Update – Geography Of League Starts To Take Shape


To update everyone who is interested in how much progress we have made AND how we are trying to do next (help is always appreciated) here is where we stand.

The Bronx we will have locked up with 6 programs that are either locked in or close. If not this year we will by year two it will be hard as hell if not impossible to run a team in the Bronx if you are not in the PFL.

Manhattan -> In Harlem we have solid representation with the Titans who are waving the league banner like a model program. We are looking to get one of the Harlem Jet teams to get Harlem football moving in our direction. Harlem Gators aren’t doing Junior pro this year and we have contacted them and reached a preliminary agreement to roll their players who are not semi pro age into one of our current programs.

Queens we have a few possibles but currently it is the only borough that we have no representation in. Springfield Rifles would be a great addition and we are trying to contact them.If we can find a solid program we as a league will help that team become the premier program in Queens and get those programs over.

Staten Island – Currently have 1 team (Staten Island Bandits) but only in the older division. If we can promote the league in Staten Island we could get this borough out of the grips of the Hurricanes and in the next 2 or 3 years allow the expansion the Bandits to younger groups based on demand or create a feeder system for the Bandits with another program that only does younger groups if the Canes or another program don’t sign on next year.

Brooklyn – Moving closer to getting a firm grip on Brooklyn. Ruff Ryders are leading the way in numbers right now and with league support and promotion can take over Brooklyn with the Whipsticks and Cardinals resurgance. If we work can definately put the same grip on Brooklyn as the Bronx within 3-4 years.

Westchester – Just signed a team from Yonkers on (Yonkers Giants). Working on a team in White Plains and trying to get either Mount Vernon Razorbacks or find a team to take over Mount Vernon and/or New Rochelle. Adding another team under the radar in lower Westchester could make this area explode either the Gladiators, Tuckahoe Tigers, or Port Chester area program. Giants may be able to operate two older programs out of the same facility in year one as there is currently ZERO teams in the 17-21 age range and as soon as the word is spread of the Giants team they will have 100 plus kids in practice.

Connecticut – For older divisions especially with our relationship with NEFL it would make sense to eventually add a team or two from CT. Stamford, Greenwich all the way up to Hartford would work. As an alternative in year one the 17-21 teams will have access to team sign NEFL Collegiate Division or NEFL Semi pro lower division. Could use crossover games to improve schedule. This is where we are. The best way that you can help is by spreading the word. The teams that you have played, teams that you hear are starting up, teams that are looking to move leagues. Pass the word on and let them know that it is a Pioneer takeover.

Looking To Join? What Does My Organization Need?



  1. Provide league a working phone number and email address at all times. Respond to any and all communication in a reasonable time. 2 Days
  2. Have access to emergency medical attention via the bare minimum of a working phone on sideline. League offers insurance for teams at a discounted cost through sponsor.
  3. A write up about your games including scores and standout players emailed by Wednesday of any game week.
  4. Play all scheduled games without forfeits or in case of forfeit pay fine of referee fee for both teams plus $100.
  5. Assure that the team management is aware of all bylaws and league rules.
  6. Promote all League sponsored events. Teams must promote league sponsored events on websites or via communications with players.
  7. Players must show some form of state issued photo identification to be recorded and kept by league for verification
  8. Complete team uniform listed as follows:
  • At least 1 set of game Uniforms number on front and back.
  • Uniformity – 15 year old group and higher helmets and pants must be uniform.
  • Uniforms must have number on front and back on all levels.


  1. Field – Must provide a list of possible fields for review at beginning of season. Each field will be reviewed and provided with a Yes or No by Competition committee.  Field must be properly lined for football with goalpost pads, and legal chains/down markers
  2. The league plays by PSAL game rules, which includes all yearly rules changes etc. Youth or High School sized football.  Referees will be reviewed and rated based on performance to be considered for playoffs.  Feedback by teams to the league on officials is encouraged but there are no reversals of calls or instant replay systems.  Therefore, all played contests will remain as decided regardless of human error which is part of the game.  Forfeit can only be rewarded for a team using ineligible or illegal players.  Teams that have an opponent fail to show up for a game will be awarded a forfeit, however teams forfeiting in advance will have the other team rescheduled to avoid awarding of forfeits.


The full rules will be covered at our first general meeting and your suggestions will be considered.  You can track the status of your application on our website which will be in full operation in the upcoming weeks to see potential competition.  We look forward to an awesome season.  We are looking for teams with a common vision and work hard at keeping the image of their programs at top quality.  For new programs we are willing to work with you and will provide assistance in achieving your goals as a program.

Pioneer League Taking Applications

We are currently taking applications for the 2012 football season in all divisions.  We will be selecting programs based on a system to ensure that only program that are willing to promote the quality that we are looking for will represent the league.  Applicants will submit a proposal that addresses the following.

Name of Team:

Area Represented:

Years of Operation:

Team Colors:

Home Field:

Age Groups Competing:

Notable Accomplishments:

Community service or other activities:

Why does your program belong in a quality league?


Your presentation can be emailed to or mailed to or address on the letterhead.

Pioneer League Announces Age Divisions

The league will have the following divisions with no weight restrictions.

7-8 year olds Mighty Mite

9-10 year olds Junior Pee Wee

11-12 year olds Pee Wee

13-14 year olds Intermediate  

15-17 year olds Senior (High School Level)

18-21 year olds Collegiate

Rosters will be posted online and the rosters will be locked after the 3rd week f the season.  Players will have photo and identification registered with the league.  Players not playing in their proper age group will be eliminated with an electronic system that if put in question the players photo will be checked by the league to ensure fair play.

Learn What The PFL Offers Prospective Teams

The benefits include a fully functioning website that is updated and covers your team whether you win all or none of your games.  If your organization does not have a website, you can direct your organization to the league website ( where we will post vital information on game dates and locations complete with directions and photos.  If your organization takes photos we will post those as well.  Your banner and logos will be represented with every other team in the league.  If you need a logo or upgrade we can assist you with graphics as well.  We also will be sending staff to film clips of your games so that the thousands of people that log onto the site can see what great work your organization is doing.     

We also will provide structure that is rare in this area.  We will provide teams with a full schedule of games (8 for teams 14 and under and 10 for teams 15 and up.  Teams will have a schedule well in advance to obtain proper permits and travel arrangements.  Playoff format is predetermined based on the amount of teams with higher seeds getting home games until the championship weekend.  Championship weekend and All Star weekend will be held at one super site for a celebration day of top quality football that the entire league and city will enjoy.  Referees will be paid for by the league in the 2nd round of playoffs and on so you can budget yourself accordingly.