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Week 8 – Dedications In All Colors

Week 8 – The October winds kicked up this week and as the regular season blows out the door, in comes the playoffs. Before we get to that playoff talk we would like to recognize the PFL players that have suited up for a cause.  We have been noticing even before October hit and the pink comes out for breast cancer awareness, that players make their mark with their messages through their gear.  Here are some cool pics that the kids are flashing their messages.


The Long Island Spartans continue to play quality football as they hosted the Bronx Steelers.  What a great game for the spectators as Walt Whitman High School Stadium who were treated to two great and competitive games.  The two teams split the games and the Steelers players got back on their bus and headed home with everyone having had a ton of fun playing the game we all love.

The Bronx Colts were busy this weekend as their younger divisions faced off against the Bronx Nittany Lions in what is turning to a real neighborhood rivalry.  The collegiate team has developed the same relationship with the New York Knights who they battled and beat 18-12 at Evander Childs High School.  Both teams are claiming that round 3 will take place at the same field as EVander is the host site for the 2013 Championship.


We also wanted to take time to recognize all the young men who are pulling double duty for the Pioneer League on weekends.  You will see players suiting up in our older divisions and then trading the jersey for a polo the next minute and lending a helping hand to the younger divisions.  We will have a full story on those guys in next weeks sportscenter.

Week 7 – Playoff Picture Starts To Clear


Week 7 started the change in the air that usually comes this time of year.  The time where the attitude goes from “hey it was just one game fellas” into “We really need this game fellas”.  The PFL calendar turned to October and some of the performances by teams made coaches see red.  The collegiate division had the game of the week in Queens as the Bronx Colts and New York Knights battled it out.  The Knights pulled ahead and shut out the spring champs 22-0 and although there was plenty of reason to celebrate, Coach Johnson is well aware that in week 8 the Knights will need to do it again but this time in the Bronx.  The other game on the schedule was the Seahawks and Bobcats.  The Seahawks rebounded off their losing streak with a slim margin of victory over the Cats.  It looks as though both these teams will be looking to build on their nucleus for next season.

The Senior division had some great games this weekend as well, with the Yellowjackets and Buccs knotted in another close low scoring game.  The Buccs clinch the Northern Division with a 6-0 win.  Congrats to Coach O’Neil and the Buccs Nation.

division champions NOrth Buccs


The Green Wave came close to a big upset over the Nittany Lions but fell just short.  In the younger divisions, The Woodside Warriors sported their new uniforms and will look to make a fashionable appearance in the championship game this season.











This is how the standings look as we go into Week 8



Commissioner Patterson would like to thank all the PFL Staff that ran the operations while he was away this weekend.  The Commish checked in from his trip to check on things and was spreading the word of all the great things that the PFL is doing in New York City.

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Week 6 – Contender or Pretender



The Pioneer League steamed ahead into week 6 with a few teams that were aiming to prove things.  The Long Island Spartans showed that they are not pretenders in the 12 and under division with a big win to keep their record unblemished.  The Bronx Nittany Lions have set the pace in all the youth divisions while being a mainstay in the top of the standings.  Moving on is the upstart Bronx Steelers who are putting up impressive numbers each week enroute to being ready to secure playoff seeding.  Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as we are ready to make a bunch of announcements that include all star teams and out of league games.

Week 5 – Deja Vu Great Matchups Rewind




Week 5 ended up as moving day for a few teams.  As far as the schedule is concerned, we have an extended Week 5 which has games played as late as Wednesday this week.  As the gridiron is jammed with action we welcome the opportunity to turn any night into football night in New York City.  The Bronx Colts 14u team pulled out their first win of the season over the Bronx Steelers.  The NYC Lions are improving every week as they look to get on the left side of the column this week.  Coach Manny Moreno is making a lot of progress with his program and they are getting more competitive each week.

The standings were shook up this week as the Buccs took their first loss as a bylaws violation gave MHC their first win of the season.  It will be very interesting to see how the Buccs rebound.  The last team to rebound from being knocked from the unbeatens was the Colts collegiate team, the result was a Bobcat massacre with a PFL record 70-6 final score.



2013 All Star Jersey

In 2012 we saluted the armed forces with our PFL camoflauge All Star jersey. The jersey was the talk of the town and turned many heads. You still see them in practices, in frames in man caves, and on girlfriends, wives or mothers in the stands at games. This year we went with a college theme. Inspired by the University of Michigan throwback, we went with the Pioneer P on the chest with player number in small print. The all star crest and league logos are also shown all over the fully sublimated jersey. The back is a throwback to preppy dressing collegians with argyle print on the back of the jersey with 3 color number and PIONEER LEAGUE on back. Argyle print coaches shirts are available and fan jerseys are also available with any number for $50. Or you can show and prove on the field and get your game jersey for free. Pioneer League dedicated opening doors and leading our young people into higher education… the light at the end of the tunnel is here!


Week 4 – Champs Collide

Week 4 Sept 14th – 15th
Date Time Home Away
Sat 1pm BK Bobcats 0 NY Knights 26 Collegiate
Sun 2:30pm BX Colts 8 SWC Grizzlies 15 Collegiate
Sat 1pm BX Seahawks 2 CT Gators 0 Collegiate
Fri 6:30pm NYC Lions 0 HA Jets 44 Senior
Sat 11am MHC Green Wave 8 BX Buccs 44 Senior
Sun 6pm BX YellowJackets 12 BX Lions 14 Senior
Sat 7pm BX Colts 0 NYC Wolfpack 30 Senior
Sat 2pm BX Steelers 0 BX Lions 2 JPW
Sat 3:30 BX Steelers 0 BX Lions 27 PW
Sat 5pm BX Steelers 8 BX Lions 28 INT
Sat 12 NYC Lions 0 LI Spartans 19 PW
Sat 2pm NYC Lions 0 LI Spartans 33 INT
Sat 3:30 NYC Lions 0 Warriors 12 JPW


Week 4 we found out who is for real and who got lucky or unlucky in the beginning of the season.  Once or twice can be freak occurrences, but now we have a pattern that leads us to predict what will be the top and bottom of each division.  The headline was the battle of champions, the Southwest Connecticut Grizzlies, defending NEFl Yankee Collegiate Conference and Club Football National Champions faced the Spring Classic PFL Champion Bronx Colts.  We saw an awesome game that the Colts represented the league in stellar fashion with a pick six being the difference in the game.


The Bronx Nittany Lions continue to set the pace in the lower divisions.  They faced the Steelers and completed a 3 game sweep on all age groups.  The Nittany Lions take a commanding lead in the standings and are looking to lock up a home game for the first round of the playoffs.  Interleague play also was on the schedule for the seniors.  The Bronx Colts were blanked by the New York City Wolfpack.  Coach Ramos and the Wolfpack are affiliate members in 2013 and may be looking to come back full time next season.


Week 3 – Young Bucks Time To Shine


Week 3 Sept 7th – 8th
Date Time Home Away Level
Fri 7pm BX Seahawks 14 BX Colts 32 Collegiate
Sat 12pm BK Bobcats 14 SI Bandits 16 Collegiate
Sun 2pm NY Knights 2 NJ Spartans 0 Collegiate
Fri 6:30pm NYC Lions 42 BX Colts 0 Senior
Sat 4pm BX Lions 30 MHC Green Wave 8 Senior
Sun 6pm BX YellowJackets 12 BX Buccs 44 Senior
Sat 1pm BX Lions 28 BX Colts 22 Intro
Sat 2pm NYC Lions 0 BX Steelers 44 Intro
Sun 330pm BX Steelers 6 LI Spartans 7 Intro
Sat 12pm NYC Lions 0 BX Steelers 21 Pee Wee
Sun 2pm BX Steelers 0 LI Spartans 7 Pee Wee
Sat 11:30am BX Lions 14 BX Colts 0 Pee Wee
Sun 4:30pm BX Steelers 7 Warriors 0 JPW
Sat 10am BX Lions 2 BX Colts 0 JPW
Sat 10am NYC Lions 12 Warriors 12 JPW

Week 3 kicked off the little guys season as the 14 and under divisions started play this weekend.  The Steelers came back and opened up tehir season with wins and all the kids had a ton of fun.  The Long Island Spartans, who just missed a chance to play in the championship last season showed how their preseason camp improved their skills as they picked up wins in both of their age brackets.  The Bronx Colts struggled against the Nittany Lions in a rematch of last years championship game in 3 divisions.  The Colts should be able to rebound, but it looks like the race to the big game is going to be a very competitive one.

The Buccs and Yellowjackets faced off and it was the Buccs that picked up their second big win in a row.  They exploded on offense enrout to the win.  The Nittany Lions rebounded and picked up a win against the Green Wave.  The Senior division is looking like it may come down to the wire again this year.  The Staten Island Bandits playing as an affiliate edged out the Bobcats 16-14.  The Bobcats stormed back but their comeback came up just short.  The Colts and Seahawks were in a battle for 3 quarters until the Colts pulled away in the final period.  The Battle of the Bronx lived up to hype and we can’t wait to see round 2.

Week 2 – Putting In Work On Labor Day Weekend

Week 2 August 31st- Sept 1
Date Time Home Away
Fri 6pm BX Buccaneers 12 HA Jets 6 Senior
Sat 11am BX Lions 0 NYC Lions 8 Senior
Sat 1pm BK Bobcats 0 BX Colts 42 Collegiate
Sat 4pm Staten Island Bandits 20 BX Seahawks 22 Collegiate
Sun 6pm BX YellowJackets 56 BX Colts 0 Senior

Week two held a special place in league history.  Unfortunately we had another young man who we had to honor with a benefit game in his memory.  John Gogarty passed away in the offseason and his father used the weekend to remember the life of his son and pass a very valuable message to his peers about the dangers of using drugs.  The day was highlighted with a thrilling game that was won in overtime by the Bronx Seahawks.

The Buccaneers stunned the Jets and handed them their first loss in over a year.  The Jets were one of two undefeated champions last season and their staff and players looked even more motivated after the loss.  Coach Ali will have the guys ready for a rebound.  The Yellowjackets have people talking about whether they are ready to take the next step and become an elite team in the Senior division. They made quite a statement with a 56 point performance which is a PFL record.  The NYC Lions rebounded nicely with a win over the Nittany Lions in the “Lion Bowl” .  Both teams look like they improved from week 1.





Week 1 – Major Matchups

The 2013 season officially kicked off the season this past weekend with great football

In the kickoff classic the season started officially with the Brooklyn Bobcats and Bronx Seahawks battling for four quarters.  The Seahawks offense couldn’t get a touchdown, but their defense provided enough points to pull out the win.  Two interceptions returned for touchdowns in the final quarter  plus a safety before the half was all that the expansion team needed to grab the win.  The Bobcats fought hard but let one slip through their hands.

We had PFL College football in week one.  The North Jersey Coast Academy football team faced the New York Knights in Toms River New Jersey.  The Knights seemed VERY wide eyed at the massive roster filled with huge college kids.  The Knights settled in and held class of their own as they connected on a 50 yard bomb to make the game 8-6 approaching the half.  In the end the Jaguars had a little to much and their fast start paid  dividends as they finished with a few red zone defensive stands winning the game 20-8.


Two playoff teams from last years senior division locked up in a battle in week one with the Bronx Buccs and Nittany Lions.  The Buccs offense started to click as they benefited greatly from their preseason work and appearance in the spring classic.  The Nittany Lions had many new faces as some of their older ones who led the run to the championship game graduated (with many playing on the Seahawks).  The Buccs wrap up week 1 with a win and get momentum rolling into week 2 which they will need as they face the Harlem Jets.


The Jets opened up the 2013 season the same way they closed down 2012… winning.  The New York City Lions who made a playoff push last year and just narrowly missed upsetting the Jets in the playoffs last year are in a bit of a rebuild as many of their weapons are now playing in prep schools.  2012 coach of the year Tim Cavanaugh will need to figure out how to gas up the engine quickly as their schedule doesn’t get much easier.  The Jets are looking forward to facing the 1-0 Buccaneers this week in a Labor Day special at 128th street.



Right down the block from 128th is Macombs Dam Park which is home of the Bronx Colts.  Many would say after the spring classic championship that the road to the championship goes through 161st Street.  The Colts opened up with new threads and a new opponent as the New Jersey Spartans came in from the Garden State to take a bite out of the Big Apple.  From start to finish the Colts looked like they were in mid season form.  The Jersey Spartans fumbled away the opening kickoff and it went downhill from their.  Theron Glynn put on a show at the quarterback position and the crowd was riveted by his performance.

In the nightcap the Bronx Yellowjackets took on new program MHC.  The Green Wave spent a lot of time and effortin the preseason trying to get their new team to jell.  They ran into a Yellowjacket team that took advantage of returning starters and 8 Green Wave turnovers as the Jackets ran away with the Game of the Week putting up big points.