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Lock And Loaded League Meeting

league meeting


The time has come to get all in.  The “chips” get to the middle of the table on February 3rd.  League Fees will be due on that date.  The structure of the league fee is as follows.

Each entry in an age division (team) $450

Unlimited entries for $1100

a $200 bond for each program that pays for stipend for General manager of their program (selected by team owner) which will be due August 15th (with rosters and registration money)

Each player $10 registration fee to be placed on roster for 2015 season.  Players must bring their ID to all games and abide by team and league rules to be eligible each week.

League Commissioner Shamell Jackson will be laying out the media campaign for 2015.  The PFL has pushed up the lock in date due to the time frame for sponsorship purchases to be made early to teams that have handled their business and are ready to play.  League owner David Patterson said today ‘It makes perfect sense to have teams be financial at this time as they will immediately receive that dollar amount in both advertisement services and championship game/ raffle tickets. Every team owner has the opportunity to create a genuine revenue stream for their program with some work.  If they aren’t willing to do the work they aren’t the type of team we are looking for.”

Chief Financial Officer Shawn Godbolt has been involved in the behind the scenes planning on this revenue stream, but it seems to be tight lipped as to what types of items will be purchased and how they will generate revenue.  Godbolt “Pioneer is the best league out there and teams have more say here than anywhere else.  We are working on making our entire business more productive and have any donations and collection of monies make our product better and more dynamic.  We have already made a pretty big purchase without even touching donation money… That is the type of business we are creating.  I am excited!”

Shortly after the meeting on the 3rd the league will be making announcements on 2015 plans directly after.  One way or another you can bet that this will be a season to remember!



2015 PFL Executive Board

Pioneer Youth Football Executive Board
2015 Executive Board

Commissioner – Shamell Jackson

Ensure the mission of the league is carried out. Attend multiple games at multiple sites to ensure quality of the league product. Identify and solve issues of organizations when needed and resolve issues in the “field” quickly to ensure games are played. Every position will report up to the commissioner.

Chief Executive Officer – Richard Hernandez
Assist commissioner in handing down fines, issue uniform and other infractions associated with the Pioneer bylaws. Involved in and mediates all decisions concerning the league. Top ambassador of the league and oversees quality control issues.

Chief Operating Officer – Leroy Freeman Jr.
Clarifies bylaw violations or conflicts between organizations. Including confirming acceptability of fields, availability of non league travel games, enforcement of all rules Pioneer bylaws.

Chief Financial Officer – Shawn Godbolt
Records the collection of certification money for each Organization, and oversees and checks financial records of the league. provide to the members the amount of available money. Identifies needs and scouts bids for league needs. (Does not handle funds directly)

League Secretary
Juniors – Tangier McGowan
Seniors – Lakisha McCormick
Record meeting minutes and providing meeting minutes to all members the following day, sends out league notifications and correspondences provide new team applications and registration.

Vice President of community affairs & Public Relations Team – Walter Newsome
Promotes the league by way of media, social media, Pioneer website, news paper advertisement and community outreach, help to promote the teams in the league as well.

Director of Officials – Manny Moreno –
Control of all officials, schedule officials for all games, provide a score reporting sheet for all games for officials to use, provide officials with the correct rules, hand out fines to officials, ensure they are professional and on time. Referees services will be bided out for the best price.

Vice President Academic Affairs – Tim Cavanaugh

Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs-  Robert Wardlaw
Act as a liaison between the league and academic institutions.
Included – high schools, Prep schools, Junior colleges, Colleges and universities, Technical schools or training programs.

Director of The Pioneer League Players Union -Marysol Ocasio Atkins
Advise and handle all bylaws issues pertaining to players rights. Handle player transactions, suspensions and eligibility issues.

Trustees –
Jay Carter
Matt DaFridge Otero
Jeffery Cant BeBeat Hunter
Jay Figueroa
Joe Costanzo
Earl Thomas

General Managers
Certification of all teams for are by submission of roster by the gm and players will bring ids to all games. Also coordinates and confirms all league events and games for the organization.2015board

PFL Nationally Recognized – Will Attend Conference In Indy

The Pioneer League has been dedicate to quality football and quality organization. We have another exciting announcement to make. Due to our commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering a quality product to underserved areas. The National Football League and the Heads Up Program has named the Pioneer Football League one of the top leagues in AMERICA. We have been selected to attend the 2015 Conference with the expenses paid for by the NFL. Although 700 leagues have been invited (which to be named top 700 would be an honor) , only a few have been sent without providing for their own expenses. Another reason why PFL is setting the bar and taking over in 2015!!!

NFL COnference

Introducing the PFLPA

The Pioneer League is not playing games when it comes to playing games! In another Pioneer first, players in the Pioneer League have a true voice.

Introducing the PFLPA – The Pioneer Players Union – Why does this make sense for a “workforce” that doesn’t get paid but rather pays team fees? Great question… The PFLPA handles
1) Player representation in disputes against the league (appeals) and teams. This allows the player a chance to bridge the connection as we found that many times parents of players may not be available to assist a young man or woman in handling a dispute with adults.

2) Advises players of their rights before possible infractions. Have a question before it may make you ineligible or cost your team a penalty? Ask your Union Rep!

3) Collects the opinions, ideas and feedback from players on everything PFL. At meetings will deliver the requests of the players to the team owners, executive board and league ownership.

With our Players Union Director Marysol Ocasio Atkins who has been around football for many years as a parent and volunteer she was the perfect choice for the position. In the overall league executive the PFL is also leading the way in diversity of the backgrounds of its board members. Having so many women involved in the top points of our operations make the league on the cutting edge once again. The “TEAM MOM” concept is outdated and under-serving to the contributions of these women. The one that defends the child first and foremost is MOM… but team moms also handle more paperwork and manage more moving pieces than some CEOs. Welcome to 2015 We are taking over!PFLPA Director

Meeting Minutes – Bylaws

Meeting was called to order at 7pm at Yankee Tavern (161st Street Bronx)

Bylaws Meeting
12/16/14 –

Agenda was announced

All teams given an opportunity to offer to the agenda
1) David Patterson announced that PFL will begin search for a new commissioner.  Patterson will remain in ownership capacity but will step away from gameday enforcement by 2016

Shift in business due to ownership deals with issues when league drops the ball.  Process will be less democratic – however rules will be in place and upheld for calendar year.

Coach Mel (Harlem Jets) noted – Emergency situations for safety issues may require a change of course.  Noted

Non-negotiable for ownership
– Admission and removal of organizations – Ownership will decide if teams satisfy the requirements for ownership, or require a removal from the league.

– List of teams that were removed were discussed briefly.  Request made for a brief explanation of why teams were removed.  Granted.  Patterson gave list of teams and brief reason why they were not invited back.

– Once we start and are agreed to these bylaws there will be no changing or re-voting unless in emergencies

Splitting up of organizations vs. Playing the entire division – Teams will now play everyone in division.  Teams can get split up on gameday within organizations – however it will be avoided whenever possible

All teams will play the same amount of games
Non league games on schedule will not count on standings

(In further conversation schedule was adjusted in playoff format)

Teams in junior divisions will have 7 LEAGUE games in regular season and one playoff game

Teams in senior division will have 9 LEAGUE games in regular season and one playoff game

Opportunities will be worked into schedule for travel or inter-league games for weekends that have byes or Labor Day Weekend.

3)Forfeits and forfeit penalties
$50 fine
Multiple forfeits = death penalty for team
Refs are assigned – referee fee is also assessed

Last year was a enforcement issue – this season there will be full enforcement by commissioner directly

4)Improving communication
Email system –
Text system
Facebook Owners page – PFL Owners page is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate to all owners and staff members

5)Age Divisions
10U 12U 14U 18U – no issues

13u division and 16 division has issues Recruiting teams

Administrative council asked for deadline for these divisions – February 1st

If any division is under 5 teams February 1st the division will be terminated

alternative ways to play games
8U – Fall or Summer question was asked.  Overwhelming response was to keep it in the summer and keep Bowl system 

6) State Ids and Id Check process
Bring the state Id every game
No ID = no play just like the playoffs
League Ids too much to handle and too much debate

7) General Managers ($200)
Scheduling, Communications with league, rosters updated, ID checking, Field Info Directions,

8)Jets Donation – Wish List
How the donation works – Money is not in the PFL or Patterson accounts.  It works as an expense account that is disbursed upon request.  Items are then delivered to the league and distributed to teams.  The PFL submits requests and information and the Jets make final call on what items can be purchased.  This way limits tax liability and all money is accounted for.

Creating a list for consideration – All teams must submit a list of items that they want donated.  In order of priority / need.
1) Critical needs (cant function without)
2) Wants ( Items that would make program more dynamic)
3) If I hit the lotto (big ticket items that aren’t necessary but cool)

Patterson stressed that with all items donated it should be used to assist in the building of programs.  Fundraising should be done with the same passion to build better programs.  Team fundraising and fees can pay for other items (not helmets and shoulder pads which are already paid for) like travel, busses and other resources.

9)Executive Board Roles

President – Vacated
Commissioner – Anticipated Vacancy 2015 or 2016 – cannot have a team affiliation
Vice President (Junior Divisions) – Carter (Nifty Lions)
Vice President (Senior Divisions) – Free (Colts)
Secretary – Tangier McGowan (Panthers)
Treasurer  – Shawn Godbolt (Steelers)

Media Director –
Historian –
Community Relations – (Walter Newsome)
Collegiate & Prep School Relations
Purchasing Director
Travel Coordinator

Another meeting will be scheduled after Feb 1st to

– train General Managers

– Confirm and install executive board

Possible Candidates

Coach Richard – Buccs

Ms. Likisha – Jets

Shamell Jackson – Trustee


Clear roles and systems
More active participation once season starts
Participation in league events like the Championship (even when team is eliminated)
Avoiding failures of last season (collection of cert funds, communication)
Giving the Board a voice – Ideas

10)Travel Games ( All Star and other leagues)
Charlotte NC championships

Executive board position created to organize these opportunities and act as league travel agent

Senior division format
traditional format (top 4)

Discussion on playoff format was discussed.  Many members believe that the teams that are finishing lower in the standings must have a “carrot” to finish strong and gain momentum for the next season.  Will explore ways to address this including – Bowl games, local inter-league games.

Suggestion made to explore expanding or beta test from 18U to all divisions where all teams make the playoffs – however seeding and travel are affected by record.  Also eases up the schedule by playing “1 less game”.  Teams will play 7 games and their 8th game will be an elimination playoff game.  League fee will only pay officials for semifinal and championship round.  Teams finishing top spots and earning a bye will have their 8th game be the semifinal (officials paid so another incentive to finish higher) in divisions with 9 or more teams.

12)7 on 7 and Clinics
March -June – Will hold “flashmob football” practices at PFL fields to boost recruiting for teams.  Applications should be ready
Anything Padded? – Working on a major sponsor for older kids to play padded spring ball
Possible funding for Spring Classic

13) Calendar
Start date – Sept 5th (bye week) – two teams want to play Labor Day – Will use as a travel or inter-/league game or they will play each other based on availability.
Sept 12th – Official Opening Day for all teams
Championship – Nov 14th (Juniors) – Shawn (Steelers) working on Fordham University
Nov 28th (Seniors) – Coach Cav (NYC Lions) working on Poly Prep
Championship Location – Suggestions – travel to Championship game will not be paid for by the league.  Patterson stressed that proper consideration be shown to teams that are not located in the Bronx.  Coach Rich from the Buccs spoke about the All Star game in Jersey and how great it was.  Also well attended.
Poly Prep – Brooklyn
All Star Game – Nov 21st Location Suggestions – 161st Street (back to the success of year 1)

14) Player movement – Shawn (Steelers) suggested that player movement be regulated by the league in the form of a release policy.  All players who play in the league must be released from their team to play on another team.  Policy is not used to “hold” players, rather to have a “exit interview” to collect owed money, equipment, uniforms etc.  We want to teach our young men that the correct thing to do is have a conversation and inform your old team that you will not be returning.  Team owners need to have documentation on players to justify owed items.

Will be added to the bylaws.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35pm