Ownership – David Patterson  & Melissa Patterson ESQ.

pfl ownersAfter incorporating, financing, and building the brand the establishment of the Pioneer Football League since its inception has had the fingerprints of the Patterson’s on it.  The Patterson vision is to provide quality programs to under-served  communities.  The success of the PFL brand can be attributed to three things;  First, providing team owners with support and the tools to run quality programs.  Second, providing players with their version of an NFL with the best media coverage and respect for their sacrifices on and off the field.  Last, a dedication to written rules and a structure of governing the league.

David Patterson – Lafayette College ’02 BA – Mercy College ’07 MA

Melissa Patterson ESQ – Concordia College ’03 BA –

Iona College ’05  MBA – Hofstra Law School ’10 JD

New York Bandits – Assistant To Def Coordinator 2006 – 2012

2008 United Football League Champions

New York Spartans – Owner – 2008 -2012

2008 BNEFF Empire Conference Champions

2009 Gridiron Elite Champions

Bronx Colts Minor League Football – Owner- 2014

2014 & 2015 Triboro Football League Champions