New York Patriots History

2016 Season 3 6
2017 Season 6 7
2018 Season 6 6
Franchise Record Overall 15 19
2016 Season Triboro Football League
May 1st Brooklyn Bobcats 6 3
Liberty Park Queens NY
May 7th Brooklyn Storm 2 0
Liberty Park Queens NY
May 15th Bed Stuy Crusaders 8 14
Liberty Park Queens NY
May 29th Brooklyn Pharaohs 0 32
Tibbets Brook Park Yonkers NY
June 5th Brooklyn Bobcats 0 25
Kaiser Park Brooklyn NY
June 12th Brooklyn Storm 16 26
Liberty Park Queens NY
June 19th Bed Stuy Crusaders 0 14
Tibbets Brook Park Yonkers NY
July 3rd Brooklyn Pharaohs 2 0
Liberty Park Queens NY
July 10th Brooklyn Pharaohs 8 26
Liberty Park Queens NY
2016 Season Record 3 – 6 42 140
2017 Season Independent Schedule
June 10th New Jersey Pirates 28 6
at Princeton NJ
June 17th New York Red Mambas 37 6
Macombs Dam Park
June 24th Green Wave College Prep 6 18
at Williamsbridge Oval
July 1st Queens Huskies 18 14
Macombs Dam Park
Nobles of the Smoke Bowl
July 8th Staten Island Bandits 2 0
Macombs Dam Park
July 22nd Brass City Kings (CT) 2 0
Macombs Dam Park
July 31st Blue Grey Game – Canadian Clinic 0 0
Macombs Dam Park
August 6th Niagara Regional Raiders 0 8
International Border Bowl
at St Catharines Ontario CA
August 20th Notre Dame Cobras 34 0
at Portland ME
August 26th Jersey Coast Academy Jags 2 21
Toms River HS North NJ
Oct 22nd Southwest Connecticut Grizzlies 8 50
Macombs Dam Park
Nov 4th Johnson & Whales University 8 32
Classical HS – Providence RI
Nov 12th New York Crusaders 0 12
Macombs Dam Park
Dec 16th Queens Huskies 28 38
Macombs Dam Park
2017 Season Record 6 – 7 173 205
2018 Season Independent Schedule
April 28th New York Red Mambas 2 0
Williamsbridge Oval
May 12th Maine Wolverines 22 0
Freeport High School at Portland ME
May 19th Mount Vernon Kings 28 8
Pelham Bay Park Bronx New York
May 26th Hartford Colts 12 10
Annie Fisher School Hartford CT
June 2nd Whaling City Admirals 0 27
Andrea McCoy Stadium – New Bedford, MA
June 23rd Boston Panthers 28 0
Macombs Dam Park
June 30th Queens Huskies 14 28
Liberty Field – Queens NY
July 18th Red Black Game – Canadian Skills Clinic Red 6 Black 0
Macombs Dam Park
July 21st Rhode Island Cowboys 0 33
Classical High School – Providence, Rhode Island
July 28th Le Phénix de Trois-Rivières 6 9
DIABLOS Stadium CEGEP de Trois-Rivières
Trois-Rivières, Quebec Canada
Aug 5th Niagara Regional Raiders 6 26
International Border Bowl
Brock University – St. Catherines, Ontario Canada
Aug 19th Gold Coast Pride 0 30
North Haven Middle School – North Haven CT
Aug 26th New Jersey Pirates 30 6
Community Day – Hip Hop to Hip Hope
Macombs Dam Park
2018 Season Record 6 – 6 148 177




The day included a marriage proposal in the pre game ceremonies, 2 national anthems sung beautifully by a local singer, and an experience that these young men will never forget. They will try to score their first win north of the border this weekend in Ontario against the Niagara Regional Raiders.


Canadian Skills and Drills Clinic

Showcasing Community Principles The Patriot Way

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patriots week 2 4Patriots Brotherhood Bigger Than Football


In a year where the Pioneer League celebrates the greatness of football off the field, it is fitting that the newest addition to the organization was a shining example of that principle.  The very young Patriots team struggled on the field but fought for their brothers every step of the way.  Defensive back Chris Ramos can’t wait for the next chapter in this story “I just play ball but it’s been a great season with these  guys and I look forward to next year to seeing most of them  return to make this championship run”.  Ian Johnson a quiet wide receiver who rarely speaks said “I wanna say thank you to the coaching staff for accepting me,  to all the players I had fun balling with y’all this season even though we had our ups and downs we always came together at the the end we played our hearts out this season in was an honor playing with the Patriots much love”.