Lock And Loaded League Meeting

league meeting


The time has come to get all in.  The “chips” get to the middle of the table on February 3rd.  League Fees will be due on that date.  The structure of the league fee is as follows.

Each entry in an age division (team) $450

Unlimited entries for $1100

a $200 bond for each program that pays for stipend for General manager of their program (selected by team owner) which will be due August 15th (with rosters and registration money)

Each player $10 registration fee to be placed on roster for 2015 season.  Players must bring their ID to all games and abide by team and league rules to be eligible each week.

League Commissioner Shamell Jackson will be laying out the media campaign for 2015.  The PFL has pushed up the lock in date due to the time frame for sponsorship purchases to be made early to teams that have handled their business and are ready to play.  League owner David Patterson said today ‘It makes perfect sense to have teams be financial at this time as they will immediately receive that dollar amount in both advertisement services and championship game/ raffle tickets. Every team owner has the opportunity to create a genuine revenue stream for their program with some work.  If they aren’t willing to do the work they aren’t the type of team we are looking for.”

Chief Financial Officer Shawn Godbolt has been involved in the behind the scenes planning on this revenue stream, but it seems to be tight lipped as to what types of items will be purchased and how they will generate revenue.  Godbolt “Pioneer is the best league out there and teams have more say here than anywhere else.  We are working on making our entire business more productive and have any donations and collection of monies make our product better and more dynamic.  We have already made a pretty big purchase without even touching donation money… That is the type of business we are creating.  I am excited!”

Shortly after the meeting on the 3rd the league will be making announcements on 2015 plans directly after.  One way or another you can bet that this will be a season to remember!