Introducing the PFLPA

The Pioneer League is not playing games when it comes to playing games! In another Pioneer first, players in the Pioneer League have a true voice.

Introducing the PFLPA – The Pioneer Players Union – Why does this make sense for a “workforce” that doesn’t get paid but rather pays team fees? Great question… The PFLPA handles
1) Player representation in disputes against the league (appeals) and teams. This allows the player a chance to bridge the connection as we found that many times parents of players may not be available to assist a young man or woman in handling a dispute with adults.

2) Advises players of their rights before possible infractions. Have a question before it may make you ineligible or cost your team a penalty? Ask your Union Rep!

3) Collects the opinions, ideas and feedback from players on everything PFL. At meetings will deliver the requests of the players to the team owners, executive board and league ownership.

With our Players Union Director Marysol Ocasio Atkins who has been around football for many years as a parent and volunteer she was the perfect choice for the position. In the overall league executive the PFL is also leading the way in diversity of the backgrounds of its board members. Having so many women involved in the top points of our operations make the league on the cutting edge once again. The “TEAM MOM” concept is outdated and under-serving to the contributions of these women. The one that defends the child first and foremost is MOM… but team moms also handle more paperwork and manage more moving pieces than some CEOs. Welcome to 2015 We are taking over!PFLPA Director