The following are the minutes from the 2014 Pioneer League Meeting.

Sunday February 16th @ noon

Attendance was taken and the meeting started at 12:15



Commissioner opened with introduction of year 3 plan where he explained the leadership role of league owners must be clearly defined and standards achieved.

Went over agenda for the day

Presented the new structure of the bylaws.  Unanimously ratified


2013 Issues

Financial Report

2 teams still owe fine money (MHC & Nittany Lions) teams are not in good standing and cannot vote.

All money accounted for from last season. Over $900 in fines collected to balance the budget.

2014 League fee – Last year $450 per team $1100 unlimited.  Additional items would require a higher league fee.  Also depends on amount of new teams (overall budget).  Deadline for payment July 1st.  Late penalty tbd.



Owners discussed the two issues from last year.  Major points were made in the areas of;

1) Referee control of the game leading to frustration

2) Ownership and Coaches control over players

3) Players who start fights should receive tougher penalties.  Even a year long suspension.



Not acceptable

2013 – more forfeits than in 2012

Reintroduction of death penalty (keep schedule fixed by eliminating problems early)

Ideas on the prevention of forfeits

1) Registration of players early to identify issues with team numbers

2) Early confirmation of game dates and times

3) Bylaws vote – 1st penalty for forfeit is a heavy fine as determined by the commissioner, second offense is the death penalty.

Games can be rescheduled due to acts of god of circumstances out of a programs control.  If a team is bumped from a field they can have their game rescheduled only if they have “permit in hand”  written permission to use the field.


Supporting Events

Discussion of lack of teams participation in championship day if their team failed to make it to the big game.  Problem raised by the Commissioner that failure to attend is not the main issue, the scheduling of games or events on the championship day so players and coaches cannot attend if they wanted to is a major issue.

All programs should be in attendance for the championship game.  Attendance is defined by 1 adult (Owner/Coach/ or league representative and 2 players.  Failure to comply will result in a fine.


Certification Process (results of vote)

Registration is approved – Jamboree / Registration Day for all teams tbd

League will create a PFL Identification card

State ID for all players

$10 registration fee for all players in lieu of raising the league fee.


2014 Items


Added Ms. Lakisha and Mr. Thomas to the Board of Trustees for the league by unanimous vote.


Football University presentation – By Coach Gerald (Long Island Spartans) Info to be posted

AYF Certification – Information available for younger programs that wish to become AYF certified to compete in National playoffs

Kennedy High School Coaches Clinic – Tues and Wed night sessions available in the next few weeks.  Need a list of interested coaches

USA Football – offers online coaching certification for youth coaches

Heads Up Program – Offer to become a Heads Up League – Financial Aid is being offered for 501C3 programs.  Will apply on the case by case basis.

Travel – Atlantic Coast Football League cross over games.  Teams are in Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and Philadelphia areas.  They do have a few programs that would like to travel as well.  PFL teams interested in traveling Steelers, Colts, Spartans.

Spring Classic – 2 weeks to decide who is in and get payments in.  7 teams have expressed interest.  Need 4 to make it happen.  Team needed to host games (Bobcats and Knights have expressed interest) Need permit in hand to schedule.

Media Blitz –

Teams are starting to look the part and now we can push the media end of the business like never before.  Bronx Times will profile Mrs. Patterson as 25 most influential women in the Bronx.  Will follow up to see if we can get a weekly spot.  Darryl Brown will be assigned the “Game of the Week” and the game will be broadcast on Ustream.  Also will connect with Bronxnet and other media outlets as well as get website more advertisement to draw visitors.  All teams are required to send the score – brief description of the game and a few photos (3) to send to league for promotion.

Other Ideas:

Runner Up or Division Championship trophies or plaques (Budget Issue)

Call local precinct or firehouse and ask about getting an ambulance to hang out by the field in case of major injury.  May be done free of charge.  Can also ask hospitals if they can donate medical kits.


Meeting Adjourned