Intermediates (13-14) Division Is Stacked!!!

The Pioneer League has been picking up speed and there are calls coming in about joining for 2012. The question on everyones mind is “Who is in?” Well technically nobody yet but FAR from the case when looking at the teams that have committ…ed and are in the process of completing application. The 13-14 year old group may stack up to have the most teams AND the most competition. Currently it looks like 12 teams will be locked in with 3-5 additional teams that are possible to lock in before summer hits. That means that kickoff weekend could have as many as 8 games that will fill the schedule with New York City football action. If we stay at the current 12 teams the breakdown would most likely be at 3 conferences of 4 teams. More than likely the schedule will fill out with The South Bronx/Harlem Group of Bronx Colts, East Harlem Titans, Mott Haven Bears ,NY Wildcards, Bronx Nittany Lions, – The North Bronx / Westchester Division Bronx Steelers, Bronx Bandits, Bronx Buccs, Yonkers NY Giants The Brooklyn/East Bronx Division , Brooklyn Ruff Ryderz, Brooklyn Whipsticks, Brooklyn Cardinals and an additional 1 or 2 Brooklyn teams.

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