Who Will Be Added Next?

Which teams would the Pioneer love to have in the league in 2012?  Well all of them as long as they are the right fit.  However there are a few programs that may be closer to being represented in the inaugural season than you think. 

The Bushwick Wolfpack out of Brooklyn would make an interesting addition as it would cause a Brooklyn showdown that would result in some major bragging rights fo borough supremacy.

The Mott Haven Bears would add to the competition in the younger age divisions.  The Bears, who will be a 7th represeentative in the Bronx would make it almost impossible for youth programs in the Bronx to NOT come to the PFL.

The Harlem Jets have a storied program that would be a great addition to the league lineup.  With the Jets, the Titans and the addition of another Harlem of Manhattan team on the younger levels and the NYC Lightning coming out of Manhattan there is another region that the flame of the league will enlighten in 2012.

The Yonkers Gladiators have also been contacted by the league.  Yonkers is a very large city and two teams operating would create a great rivalry and would give the PFL open roads on their mission to cover all the way to White Plains.

Eagle Academy is a High School in the Bronx thatis developing a club football team.  This team (15-17) has been offered admission to the PFL for one year before the Academy enters the Public School Athletic League (PSAL).  This would be awesome for the league and create an inroad to an amazing academic institution.

Stay tuned for more information and see who is ready to compete in the Pioneer League in 2012.  For more info fill out the following form.

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