Pioneer Programs Prepare 14 and Under for High School

The Pioneer Football League has a variety of different teams that will give you and your child a bunch of different options for your preteens.  Of course the programs that have 15- and over are great options for children and young adults that go to high schools or even colleges that do not have football teams.  But is that your only option? Of course not as the Pioneer League teams give you multiple ways to get your child on a path to properly learn the game and compete on a high level.

My child is 7 – 9 years old how can he start to learn and play football? There are programs that specialize in the younger groups.  For example, the NY Wildcards, Bronx Steelers, Bronx Nittany Lions, Bronx Buccaneers and Brooklyn Whipstix that do not have teams older than 14 years of age and also develop character along with football skills.  Some of the programs have direct links to coaches and administrators in high school programs in the city and will assist families in applying to specialty programs.  The LEAGUE is developing a board to oversee these projects in order to ensure that ALL programs have access to these connections which will have seated members that are directly involved in high school football as we have already recieved overwhelming requests to participate on the board.

My child is 14 so where does he go from here?  There are many options that you can pursue after your 8 year career in youth football.  If you have played 8 years in a PFL program there is a very big chance that every high school coach in the area wants your child to attend their school.  They have been trained, been part of a team that has built character and strength, and have shown the dedication neccessary to be a champion.  We have also been in contact with Eagle Academy, who are starting a club team in 2012 and the PFL is strongly campaigning to have the 15-17 team in the league for this season.  In 2013 they will join the PSAL and with that create another open pathway for doors to open to an academic opportunity through partnership with the programs with youth components to filter kids into Eagle Academy.

So when you think that the 15 and up are headlining the Pioneer, think again.  Think of the two week period between the kickoff of the older group (Aug 25th) and the younger group (Sept 8th) as the undercard to the main event!


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