14 and Under Programs Building Major Steam

The Youth Movement is here and yes… it will be televised on Pioneer Football Network Television.  The solid core of ownership of the premier youth teams in the area have been in talks on how to promote their buisness to the communmity and outer regions.  Some of those discussions ranged from local rivalries to national travel and tournament play.  The teams, which have included the Brooklyn Ruff Ryderz, Yonkers Giants, Bronx Colts, Bronx Nittany Lions and Bronx Steelers among others have been working tirelessly to make sure the 14 and under segment of the league is hitting on all cylinders when kickoff comes around. 

“Right now the leagues under 14 age teams are chomping at the bit to get the attention of the football and general community starting right away” said a league representative, “they have seen the buzz of chatter about the older programs and are ready to take the main stage with a quality brand of football.” 

Teams have reached out to the league late in the process because apparently word didn’t get out that the Pioneer will be having teams as young as 7 years old.  The teams that have started to inquire about joining were quickly impressed with the leagues structure, ownership component and economics.  “Where does the money go to” asked one organization head, and the reply was simply “Where the budget says it will go that will be given to you in hard copy or email if you would like”.   

The purpose of youth sports is to have fun and for the season which starts September 8th, the PFL will ensure that the Youth Movement will be televised!

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