Pioneer League Update – Geography Of League Starts To Take Shape


To update everyone who is interested in how much progress we have made AND how we are trying to do next (help is always appreciated) here is where we stand.

The Bronx we will have locked up with 6 programs that are either locked in or close. If not this year we will by year two it will be hard as hell if not impossible to run a team in the Bronx if you are not in the PFL.

Manhattan -> In Harlem we have solid representation with the Titans who are waving the league banner like a model program. We are looking to get one of the Harlem Jet teams to get Harlem football moving in our direction. Harlem Gators aren’t doing Junior pro this year and we have contacted them and reached a preliminary agreement to roll their players who are not semi pro age into one of our current programs.

Queens we have a few possibles but currently it is the only borough that we have no representation in. Springfield Rifles would be a great addition and we are trying to contact them.If we can find a solid program we as a league will help that team become the premier program in Queens and get those programs over.

Staten Island – Currently have 1 team (Staten Island Bandits) but only in the older division. If we can promote the league in Staten Island we could get this borough out of the grips of the Hurricanes and in the next 2 or 3 years allow the expansion the Bandits to younger groups based on demand or create a feeder system for the Bandits with another program that only does younger groups if the Canes or another program don’t sign on next year.

Brooklyn – Moving closer to getting a firm grip on Brooklyn. Ruff Ryders are leading the way in numbers right now and with league support and promotion can take over Brooklyn with the Whipsticks and Cardinals resurgance. If we work can definately put the same grip on Brooklyn as the Bronx within 3-4 years.

Westchester – Just signed a team from Yonkers on (Yonkers Giants). Working on a team in White Plains and trying to get either Mount Vernon Razorbacks or find a team to take over Mount Vernon and/or New Rochelle. Adding another team under the radar in lower Westchester could make this area explode either the Gladiators, Tuckahoe Tigers, or Port Chester area program. Giants may be able to operate two older programs out of the same facility in year one as there is currently ZERO teams in the 17-21 age range and as soon as the word is spread of the Giants team they will have 100 plus kids in practice.

Connecticut – For older divisions especially with our relationship with NEFL it would make sense to eventually add a team or two from CT. Stamford, Greenwich all the way up to Hartford would work. As an alternative in year one the 17-21 teams will have access to team sign NEFL Collegiate Division or NEFL Semi pro lower division. Could use crossover games to improve schedule. This is where we are. The best way that you can help is by spreading the word. The teams that you have played, teams that you hear are starting up, teams that are looking to move leagues. Pass the word on and let them know that it is a Pioneer takeover.

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