Looking To Join? What Does My Organization Need?



  1. Provide league a working phone number and email address at all times. Respond to any and all communication in a reasonable time. 2 Days
  2. Have access to emergency medical attention via the bare minimum of a working phone on sideline. League offers insurance for teams at a discounted cost through sponsor.
  3. A write up about your games including scores and standout players emailed by Wednesday of any game week.
  4. Play all scheduled games without forfeits or in case of forfeit pay fine of referee fee for both teams plus $100.
  5. Assure that the team management is aware of all bylaws and league rules.
  6. Promote all League sponsored events. Teams must promote league sponsored events on websites or via communications with players.
  7. Players must show some form of state issued photo identification to be recorded and kept by league for verification
  8. Complete team uniform listed as follows:
  • At least 1 set of game Uniforms number on front and back.
  • Uniformity – 15 year old group and higher helmets and pants must be uniform.
  • Uniforms must have number on front and back on all levels.


  1. Field – Must provide a list of possible fields for review at beginning of season. Each field will be reviewed and provided with a Yes or No by Competition committee.  Field must be properly lined for football with goalpost pads, and legal chains/down markers
  2. The league plays by PSAL game rules, which includes all yearly rules changes etc. Youth or High School sized football.  Referees will be reviewed and rated based on performance to be considered for playoffs.  Feedback by teams to the league on officials is encouraged but there are no reversals of calls or instant replay systems.  Therefore, all played contests will remain as decided regardless of human error which is part of the game.  Forfeit can only be rewarded for a team using ineligible or illegal players.  Teams that have an opponent fail to show up for a game will be awarded a forfeit, however teams forfeiting in advance will have the other team rescheduled to avoid awarding of forfeits.


The full rules will be covered at our first general meeting and your suggestions will be considered.  You can track the status of your application on our website which will be in full operation in the upcoming weeks to see potential competition.  We look forward to an awesome season.  We are looking for teams with a common vision and work hard at keeping the image of their programs at top quality.  For new programs we are willing to work with you and will provide assistance in achieving your goals as a program.

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